Sony DVD RDR-HX525 Setting up!

Sony DVD Recorder RDR-HX525 & Sky Digibox. Pace model BSKYB 2600C1

About three months ago I bought this Sony DVD recorder. This model has a HD but no built in Freeview. It has a G-link cable to control a set top Sky box. From day one none of us has been able to get to grips with the complex setting up to enable it to record at times and programmes required. It just seems beyond any of us to understand. At one stage we were able to record a programme being watched at the time and then all we managed to record was a blank screen with ‘snow’.

We just gave up in the end and just used it to play pre-recorded discs and to record from video camera or VHS tapes to the HD. What a waste of a good machine!

A colleague called today and he tried to help so we reset the recorder to the factory defaults. After four hours we both admitted defeat . . . What we can do is to play the signal from the Sky box through the recorder to the TV. So clearly that part is OK. We deduce that we can’t get the recorder to recognise the Sky box for further settings. We find the complexity of the instructions mind-boggling and just don’t know where to turn for advice. I will mention that I’m in my 70’s now so that doesn’t help. Can anyone help please? Pete