Sony DVD+R v1.3 slower that v1.1?

Hi All,

Today I purchased some Sony DVD+R’s.
Burning some stuff using a Lite-On 1213s which is capable of burning at 16x (never seen, but reached 8x). The max burning speed of Nero v6.3.1.11 turnes out to be 2.4x.

With my old Sony DVD+R v1.1 the writing speed was 4x.

Anybody an idea what is going on?


Hi Owin, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The firmware in your LiteOn drive probably doesn’t know how to write your new Sony 16x DVD+R and that’s why it burns them at a default (slow) speed.

Try looking for a firmware update at the LiteOn download site.

Firmware upgrade!
This is an old model, and as it is called [B]12[/B]13S, it can only do 12x! You will never reach 16x at all, and maybe some of the newer 16x media will not be supported at all!

Weird that it only burns at 2.4x because SOny was quite early with there 16x MID’s.
Guess firmware support was quite screwed and Lite On overhyped that one to much.