Sony dvd-r tyg03

hi i have a concern, i read in a post somewhere that this media dosent like to be burned at speeds less than 12x, my problem is with nero the only choices i have are 4x 8x and 16x, am i better off burning at 16x in this case? i have no way of checking my burns becasue my drive (oem gwa-4165b) dosent support the disc quality check portion of cd/dvd speed, or at least the start button is always greyed out (same thing with dvdinfopro), any advice about this is very much appreciated, thank you.

I don’t think you will have any problems with 16x burns in a 4165B.

4163B, its predecessor, burns them extremely well at 16x. So well that I’ve never even bothered to try 8x.

yea i burned a few dvds at 16x and they seem to play fine in dvd player, just wish i could scan them, would feel more comfortable burning at 12x though.

LG 4163/65/67 don’t support burning any -R media at 12x, but it’s possible to burn 16x +R media at 12x P-CAV.

It’s very fast too, at close to 6:00 for a full disc, so extra ‘comfort’ ends up costing only 30 seconds.

This is what happens when you restrict burning of 16x +R media to 12x:

What the F… is AN16? I don’t know that firmware (I’m using A106), and therefore can’t make any judgements :smiley:

AN16 is firmware for NEC-brand 4163Bs, and is exactly the same as A105.

What the f…? NEC sold LG drives?

thanx for the advice, so agent009 are you saying that i should be ok burning these at 16x? what exactly is p-cav? and the drive description is this not sure that is nec or not, HL-DT-ST DVD-RW GWA-4165B

Yes, TYG03 will work reliably at 16x.

HL in your drive name refers to Hitachi-LG, it doesn’t matter under what brand it was sold, the hardware is the same.

This is not important to your question, but P-CAV means partial constant angular velocity, it refers to the portion of the burn where data transfer speeds increase from 7.3x to 16x [or 12x] while rotation speed is constant at 10,000 RPM. The other, ‘flat’ portion at a constant 16x [or 12x] is CLV, or constant linear velocity, it’s where rotation begins to slow down. You can hear the slight difference toward the end of a 16x burn when the RPMs fall from ~10,000 to 9,000 RPM.

Read more about P-CAV here: What are CAV, CLV, PCAV, ZCLV & OPC?

There was a whole zoo of 4163B OEM firmwares that LG created for different vendors. They all had a letter in the second position: AB1?, AF1?, AN1?, AX1?.

Some of those vendor-specific 4163Bs were also very sexy-looking :slight_smile: