Sony DVD-R Speed! More than rated! Is it okay?



My Sony DVD-R media is sold as 1x-8x but when i write them they allw me to write upto 16x. (I mean i can literally select burn speed 16x from both NERO and ALCOHOL)

Is it alright?


What’s your writer? My NEC 3540A will do that, but I don’t do it - I stick to rated speed.


even my SONY will do that! but i used to burn at 16x whereas the rated is 8x.
So it’s not okay?


It should be OK, but I aire on the side of caution - just me. I also note that error rates, at least for me, are better at rated speed. The only discs that overrate acceptably for me are Taiyo Yuden T02 discs.


:iagree:…my T02s do nicely at 12x too.

My Pio 110D will go up to 12x on the Sonys, but I prefer the results at 8x.

A little OT here, but MAXELL002 overspeed to 12x on my LG 4163B with nice results also.


If you have one of the BenQ writers that support their overspeed function (e.g. DW-1640) and you turn on overspeed, it will let you select 16x as a burn speed for all media. Whether it is good to do that in terms of burn quality, is another question.

All this is fairly pointless until we know what your burner is…


The Pio will allow you to overspeed burn those good Sony’s up to 16x. However, it’s better to burn them at 8x or even 12x.


or TYG02 ones labelled as Sony 8x.


My writer is SONY DRU 810A (Made in Taiwan)


Your drive is a rebadged Benq 1640, a great drive. You should flash it over to Benq firmware, but that’s your call. It will provide improved performance, it is commonly done by those with your drive. Look in the Benq forum for further info - I suggest BSLB firmware if you do choose to flash to the Benq firmware.

While your drive may allow overspeeding of a particular media, it’s not necessarily a good thing and will nearly always yield lower quality burns. With that drive and that media, 12x would likely give good results, but I wouldn’t burn at 16x. The difference in burn time is minor and the burn quality will be lower vs. 12x. If you want the best burn quality, burn at 8x.


What do you mean by flashing? Does it mean simply changing the software or does it have to do anything with the hardware?


Think of firmware as a software driver in your burner itself - it can be updated (‘flashing’ the firmware means to change it, to write to it). So the firmware for your drive is within the drive itself, not actually on your computer. It’s generally a very simple process, you can download different versions off of the internet. Flashing only takes a few seconds and then usually requires a restart of your computer so the computer will recognize the changes to the drive. If you want further help you can PM me or start a new thread, I don’t want to wander too far off the subject the thread, although it does relate to the thread somewhat.


I have some Sony DVD+R 1-8X and my Pio 110 gives me the choice to burn @ 12X max , I tried one @ 12X and the burn failed :iagree:
While @ 8X it was the best result I got from media sold here in Egypt : CMC MAG E01 , DAXON AZ2 , OPTODISC-OR8 and SONY D11 , these are the Sony D11 MIT , so my advice : always stick with rated speed : give a two minutes in burning time and gain months or years for readability :smiley:

Maybe a little off topic here : I thought the Sony 810A is only Made In China
I am gonna get one next week , but am confused about which Benq firmware to flash with , BSLB , BSMB or BSOB “The latest if I am not mistaken” .
I want it to be perfectly matched with Sony D21 MIJ 100 discs that I have and want the best quality possible .



All those mentioned media variiing in quality, the results are mainly depending on the used source media.


my sony dru 810a allows 8x and 16x
no 12x in between.
why so?


I don’t know. Flash to a Benq 1640 and you won’t have that issue though. :wink: