SONY DVD R/RW Problems

Hi guys, I’m new here as a registered member but I have browsed these pages many times. However I didn’t manage to find a solution to my problem, (could it be because I’m lazy?) Well I don’t know. My problem is the one below:

I have a,

Model Number - DW-Q28A
Firmware - KYS3

Recently I have bought another pack of 25DVDS from LS-MEDIA (1X-8X).

I haven’t had any problems with these before, very good quality and movie picture quality always better than the Traxdata I used. The LS-MEDIA DVDs always burned properly with 8X.

Buttttttt the ones I have now are burning at 16x on my Sony DVD R/RW(8x) using Nero 7 Premium. Obviously all the DVDs in this package all failed to burn either at the first 3%, 50% or at the very last of the burning process.

Is it possible that my drive is acting nuts, or just the media in itself is messed up?

This problems is bugging me off for I haven’t found a possible solution.

I would appreciate if someone can help me out, and I thank you in advance :slight_smile:

In the first place, you should not be burning 1 - 8x media at 16x. Not unless you want nothing but coasters.

Second, you are using inconsistent media. Unless you really understand media, firmware, and know which burners and firmware work well with various media, and understand media codes, you should stick with verbatim or taiyo yuden media only. Many brands of media could be anywhere between 3 or 4 different media codes. One of two of those might be good. And unless you are savy, you won’t have a clue which actual media you have.

So, either do a lot of reading here and learn about how to identify media, look up your particular burner and firmware and see what types of media it likes, or use all around good media.

1-8x media at 16x!!! The only 8x media that will burn successfully at 16x is Taiyo Yuden T02 and then only on a handful of burners.

Use Nero’s CD-DVD Speed & the disk info tab to identify the Media ID.

They were burning at 16x automatically set from Nero. I bought them for 8x maximum speed but Nero can actually go up to 16x on these LS-media dvds…

I have burned LS-MEDIA at 8x before, and they were fine, no problems at all.

Also tried to burn the new ones at 8x from nero, but all of them failed…

As far as understanding media I guess I do understand a little bit… the thing is that I don’t know how these dvds i bought were being burned at 16x automatically from nero.

But anyway, all of them are in the trash bin now coz even at 8x which is my drive’s maximum burning speed on dvds failed miserably to burn.

Thanks for your help :stuck_out_tongue: