Sony DVD-R/+R will run for $14.95 till 04/22 @ Staples

For those who missed the Sony DVD media deal this week at Staples, then dont worry, staples will be having this deal through 04/22, so you have 2 more weeks, but early bird will get to choose MIJ spindle versus left over MIT spindles.

And dont forget, there is a coupon floating around, $10 off $40 purchase, $20 off $75 purchase. Search around

Where’s that coupon?

Unfortunately, none of the staples here have TY Sony. Guess got to pricematch at BB or CC.

Here’s a link for a $10 off $30 purchase:

thats NJ coupon, it is valid nationwide, but since it specifically stated NJ, the store has the right to reject it if you are not in that region

The above statement contradicts itself. If it is indeed “valid nationwide”, the the local store does NOT have the right to reject it.

When I mean nationwide, any Staples can scan the coupon, and the register will accept the coupon, but what if the cashier reads the fine print on the coupon, he/she has the right to reject the coupon since it reads valid in New Jersey only. If you present that coupon to the TX Staples, the register will not discriminate the coupon, it will scan it and take off $10 instantly, but YMMV as far as I can tell you because they have the right not to accept it since it is clearly stated valid in NJ stores only.

A few people did it, and some cashiers let them have it, some refused it.

BTW, it is possible to save a copy of that coupon as HTML, then edit it in Frontpage so that it states that it’s valid in whatever city you want cough.

Has anyone tried the coupon in a store outside of New Jersey?

yes, some people tried, some works, some dont, depends on the cashier/mananager on duty. There are coupons for other cities also, not just new jersey, but I couldn’t find the one for california.

I used the NJ coupon in CA, worked fine.

Unfortunately all of the Sony DVD+R spindles at my local Staples are MIT.
I also tried three local Best Buy stores and their shelves are full of MIT.
Not a single MIJ to be found.

The trip was not a total loss, I was able to pick up a 30PK of Verbatim [B]Lightscribe 1.2[/B] CDRs for $12.97

To find MIJ spindles of Sony, go to either the very fast selling staples, most new sony are MIJ, but watch out for Sony own media code, or you can go to a very slow selling Staples and hoping some old MIJ spindles left. The last time I bought MIJ sony from Staples, I have to drive to the farther store from my house. That store is located in the central hispanic population so thus not too many techie customers there and thus they have all MIJ TY spindles were on the shelves.

was @ my bro-in-laws yesterday (09.apr.2006). used the nj coupon in pa. not one problem what so ever. clerk would not let us add the $3.00 ink coupon tho.

I downloaded this coupon here a while back. It’s $10 off $40 purchase coupon. (93.9 KB)

Thanks, I will for sure get to staples this week :slight_smile:

Yo man. This coupon does not work. When clerk scanned - it rang - has been used before. Invalid. The staples store refused to take it. They know it has been making rounds of internet.


Are you talking about the $10 off $40 coupon? Details man. If you are, I’m not surprised. Looking at how long the barcode is, I’d say this is a one use coupon. Every coupon they issued like this had a unique code on it, and once it was used, it was done.

Where as the $10 off $30 coupon uses a general discount code that can be used a million times. Anyways, like I said, which coupon didn’t work?

$10 off $40 coupon.

I just picked up a 50pk of Sony 8x DVD+R (TY). The first Best Buy I went to had no 8x, but about 20 spindles of 16x. The second store had about 20 spindles of Sony DVD+R, and 1/2 of them were 8x MIJ. I’ve never seen that many in one place before.