Sony DVD-R made in Japan vs Fuji?

I’m undecided as to which media brand to get. Fry’s has the Sony 25 pac DVD-R made in Japan priced at $19.99 and Fuji 50 pac color tower with special label kit also made in Japan priced at $24.99. I have used Fuji DVD-R before but I haven’t seen this particular brand before. Is the sony brand good and are these both TY?

I found verbatim DVD-RW made in Singapore @ microcenter priced at $1.99. Is this a good brand and price?

Sony 8x -R media is SONY08D1, good media, but not Taiyo Yuden. The five-color Fujifilm 50-pack of 8x +R you saw at Fry’s is Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000T02, excellent stuff, and well worth 50 cents a disc. Single Verbatim 4x -RW in jewel case is fairly priced at $1.99 and is good quality rewritable media.

As always it is dependant upon your specific burner.
SONY08D1 is very good media and will burn at 16x on NEC 3500/3520A, etc.
TYG02 is also very good but only burns at 12x on NEC 3500/3520A, etc.
(stock firmware)

Those Fuji 5 color packs are just like some TDK-branded TYG02 sold in Japan:

I’ve always thought Japan had more interesting optical media packaging; it’s good to see some of those ideas being brought to the US retail market.

Yes, a very appealing look. The ones at Fry’s are 50-packs of +R consisting of five 10-disc TY spindles held together by plastic wrap. (The shape of the spindles is identical to the ones in the Yahoo auction.)

Each 10-disc spindle contains discs of one color… red, yellow, green, blue, or purple. The base of each spindle is of matching color, made of transparent plastic. The discs are very brightly colored and branded with Fujifilm logo.

I just bought the same colored Fujifilm 8x + in Staples. Yuden-T02-000. They were 3 ten packs Red, Yellow and Blue. 17.94 for 30.

Last night (July 10,2005) in San Jose,CA I purchased a 50 disc spindle of
generic Fry’s electronics house brand “GQ” (great quality) DVD-R blank media
for $9.50 + tax, that’s 19 cents a disc. When I used my DVDidentifier program
to get the real manufacturer media code ID, it turned out to be SONY08D1.
Burns perfectly at 16X in my NEC drive and at 8X in my Pioneer DVR-520H-S
hard-drive/DVD recorder connected to my TV.

Here’s a reference to the same media on

Hmmm, my guess would be that those are manufactured by Lead Data.
Can you post the hub serial number(s)?

Thanks for your suggestions. I purchased the DVD-R fuji 50 pac color tower @ Frys.

Hub serial number from Fry’s electronics “GQ” (great quality) DVD-R 8X
50 disc spindle, purchased 7-10-05 in San Jose,CA:

A08VS1307D265 503823

You sure? I thought Sony 8X -R MIJ was TYG02 only? At least, that’s what it showed up as here in India…

Nope, I’ve got some SONY08D1 made in Japan right here. :cool:

That serial doesn’t look anything like the serial on my Daxon made SONY08D1 or my Sony Japan SONY08D1.
Must be Lead Data made! :slight_smile:
Please post some burn graphs / Kprobe scans if possible. :wink:

Oops! Good quality? Must be… Sony MIJ media is… sweet!

cant go wrong with either one. Most people prefer Taiyo Yuden, especially those BenQ owners. Actually TY works well on almost all burners out there, Sony08D1, only a few burners love it but I have no problem recommending Sony08D1. Both are highly recommended media


As I understand it - Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim are the medias of choice for the Optical Drive Manufacturers to benchmark their burners with-

They obviously know something about medias - eh?