Sony DVD+R errors

I’ve been burning a lot of DVDs over the last 2 years or so and have used various brands of blank DVD medias. I went through a lot of dvd+_drives as well and have settled on lite-on drives and Sony DVD+R medias. I probably went through 5 to 6 100pack Sony’s with maybe one or 2 occasion of write failures. I think that’s a pretty good statistic but the last 100 pack which I have gone through about 50 or so, has turned out with over 10 write failures. I replaced the drive with a brand new one after the first 3 failures, so it’s not the drive getting old. This bad batch looks just like the previous Sony’s with one noticeable difference. It has a rough surface which seems to be caused by microscopic grooves on the title surface. I noticed it when I was writing the title with a magic marker. These grooves rounds out the sharp point on the magic markers quickly.

Has anyone come up with a similar experience? Could this be a fake Sony? or has the quality suddenly changed on the newer batches?
It’s labeled as SONY DVD+R 120min/4.7GB AccuCORE VR5F18–00812 Ver. 1.3/1X-16X


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Can You read out the mediacode of the discs with Your writing software?

I guess You got Sony Made in India by MBI with MBI-Mediacode in Your last spindle, and the quality has changed for the worse.

SONY DVD+R 16x Made in India with the SONY-Mediacode SONY D21 were decent. Sony Made in India by MBI with MBI-Mediacode might be not.

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