Sony DVD-R / DVD+R questions

Long term, how reliable are Sony DVD-R’s made in Japan? I have heard pretty good things about them and seen them rated positively, but I’m just asking for peace of mind.

Also, how are Sony DVD+R’s made in Taiwan? I have heard negative things about them…

Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks

MIT Sony = Daxon, and they aren’t the most stable.
MIJ ones can be Sony’s own MIJ discs or Taiyo Yuden. Taiyo Yuden is the better choice although Sony’s own MIJ discs are not a bad choice either.
MIL Sony, which is only available in Europe, seems to perform pretty decent.
I’ve seen MII Sony, but I’m not sure whether it could be good at all.

MIL Sony? I thought those were rebadged TDK, but I could be wrong. Do you mean MIA (made in Austria)?

Made in Luxemburg Sony DVD-R discs have SONY16D1 MID.-Looks like excellent quality burn @12x.

Not sure if TDK’s Factory in Luxemburg take over European production of Sony,to avoid for social reaction close at all and after TDK’s decision exits CD and DVD media market

Maybe also mix type-My discs found SONY16D1 but as i just read others are rebadged TDK:

Hm. My Sony and TDK discs are made in nowhere…


Actually, this might have answered my question:

Sony’s are listed as 1st class media DVD+ and DVD- (Japan & Taiwan).

This makes me feel more comfortable…

This digitalfaq site isn’t very accurate and quite outdated… :frowning:
Most Sony DVD media is made in somewhere, but CD media is not. I’ve seen MIL Sony media (yes, MIL) at least thrice so I think it could really be that Sony bought TDK’s plant.

And btw avoid MIA Sony media, [B]Arachne[/B] didn’t like them at all and I think I don’t really like them either…

Hehe, I’m due to re-scan that MIA disc soon :wink:

I just can’t get used to thinking of the “MIA” acronym as meaning Made in Austria.

Every time I see it, I think: What’s up with that Missing in Action media?!? :doh:

LOL! Me too, though :iagree:

Absolute bullpuckey. :disagree: The site is updated as of last month.

SONY, since the 4x days (and especially during the 8x days), has used some of the best manufacturers for either re-branding or creating discs to their own specs with their own codes.

The Taiwan discs are not quite as good as the Japan ones, but that just goes back to the factory producing them. It’s really not an issue, the margin is small between the two.

If you have a bad experience with SONY on a regular basis, it’s likely a drive issue or firmware problem. But I have to say, SONY 16x still burn well even on drives where a default code is used (due to old firmware or poor firmware). Not many media can do that.

I have 2 spindles of 50 disc Sony 16X DVD+R MIJ D21 and their initial burn is the worst of my media collection , always 3000+ PIF total , TRT is excellent though , I don’t know whether they will read as well after a few years or not.