Sony Dvd+r Dl Ritek D01



Hi, I bought this because it is cheap(promotion). I heared RITEK D01 quality is really bad. Here’s the quality Scan, should I return this or the burn is alright?

The burning quality at second layer is not that good. Any thought?


For Ritek D01 that’s a very good burn actually, among the best I’ve seen for this media code. PIE is high in the second layer but that’s not that uncommon with DL media, otherwise it looks pretty good for this media code. While they probably weren’t much cheaper than you can get Verbatim DL for on occasion, I’d just keep them. Just make sure to check playback on your standalone player(s), especially at the layer change and in the second layer, and also make it a point to rescan a few of them a couple times a year or so just to check their stability.


Okay, Thanks.


I second scoobiedoobie’s comment and would also like to ask for a TRT


Trt = ?


Transfer Rate Test, usually a Read Transfer Test performed on the Benchmark tab in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

You want a smooth graph with no major slowdowns.


Is this what u are mentioning?

I have no idea what’s this test for. Is this graph smooth enough?


Yep, looks great. It’s simply showing how fast the drive’s able to read the disc, and naturally not having significant dips in the read speed is a positive.


Cool. I guess I will keep this the disc then.


Yeah , very good and smooth TRT , specially at the layer break :slight_smile:
BTW : you burnt this disc with LiteOn 20A1H , right ? at what speed ?
I have the LiteOn 20A1P which is the same as yours minus LightScribe and glad to see it handles RITEK DL media that good


I’d keep it, as mentioned for Ritek D01 that’s pretty good. As far as non-Verbtaim brands/MIDs go, I’ve got some RICOHJPN D01 that burn a lot worse than that.


Yeah, I burnt it with a LiteOn 20A1H. I always burn Double layer media at 2.4x speed. I know it is slow but I think worth it.


Here is my scan of Sony +R DL. Written by Plextor 760A @4X w/ Nero6.


Wow, that’s pretty bad. Maybe you should try to burn at 2.4x.

I am not sure about ur burner but my burner burn well :slight_smile:


Could you post a scan at 4x or 8x with CD-DVD Speed by chance?


Yes , I just noticed he scanned at MAX speed


Lol, I didn’t notice that too.

Please scan the disc at 4x speed. My lite-on can’t even do well on 8x.


Here is a new one. Written by 760A @2.4X w/ Nero6.6.
Top one scanned @4X, bottom one is @8X.
2.4X written speed does make difference. :bigsmile:


Just bought a 25pk of these from the CompUSA that is closing for $24. Looks like they should be fine if I keep the burn speed down, maybe even drop it down to 2x. Then just set it and forget it :slight_smile:


I don’t think that +R media SL or DL could be burnt at a speed lower than 2.4x , 2x speed is the slowest for -R media :slight_smile: