Sony DVD+R DL media ID: n/a



I just bought 25 pack Sony DVD+R DL discs (Made in India), the burn doesn’t look too bad, but the curious thing is the media ID is n/a. Does anyone have a guess who’s the manufacturer of these discs? Thanks.


Here is what I found over at videohelp on the Sony DL discs



From the descriptions on that site, looks like my discs are Ritek D01.


India is Moser Baer, so it could be MKM or MBI.
Have you tried DVD Identifier? I’m curious to see what that would report.


Ok, I used DVD Identifier and it identified it as Moser Baer R10. The burn scan looks ok, but are they stable (will they degrade quickly)?


The oldest one I have is about 9 months old, and it is still fine. I think they are pretty stable. Just do TRT from time to time to be sure.


That’s good. Thanks for the info.


Hmmmm… maybe someone should do an update on the MID’s over at videohelp
since these turned out to be MBI made discs instead of MKM or D01’s. :iagree: