Sony DVD+R dl, 25 for 29.99 @ Best Buy, anyone know about these

The ad in the paper only says, “Sony 25-Pack DVD+R Double-Layer Discs”, without any speed reference. Does anyone know what to look for with these disks as in made from where? Are they any good?

Yes! Not a bad price. Where are they listed? What store? ETC.

[QUOTE=THE C.;1939783]Yes! Not a bad price. Where are they listed? What store? ETC.[/QUOTE]

I’m just north of Houston, TX, but the following link makes me think the sale may be national:

Thanks! I got go to Best Buy to get me some!

WATCH OUT FOR THE COUNTRY OF ORIGIN. MOST ARE MADE IN TAIWAN AND IF SO THEN THEY ARE RITEK DL MEDIA WHICH ARE “SO-SO” AT BEST!!! Some however are Made In Singapore which are the exact same thing as the coveted Verbatim so be sure to check the country of origin before purchasing.

I looked through a dozen spindles at my local BB, and all were MIT. The only MIS DL media I could find was a 15 pack of Verbs for $29.99. So I will wait a bit longer to restock.

All MIT in SoCal

All MIT here as well. I’m just hazzarding a guess here but methinks that when Verbatim ceased all 2.4x production at the home plant in Singapore (now produced by the folks at Moser Baer), that the Sony DL media production also ceased since it would’ve all been part of the same production. Too bad. Since they barely got a chance to produce any. I only managed to EVER find 2 packs in my area a few months back and I haven’t seen them before or since. Looks like the 8x official Verbs are really your only solid option for quality DL media these days. :frowning:

Are the Verb. 8x DL MIS?

Sony DVD+R dl is Ritek

[QUOTE=Charlie T;1941746]Sony DVD+R dl is Ritek[/QUOTE]
not all are Ritek, some are MKM if you can find MIS. And yes MIS spindles do exist but you have to look very hard for it.

[QUOTE=fairplay;1941701]Are the Verb. 8x DL MIS?[/QUOTE]

Yup. Those are and the IJ Printable 2.4x ones are still all MIS (for now).

[QUOTE=Jesterrace;1941856]Yup. Those are and the IJ Printable 2.4x ones are still all MIS (for now).[/QUOTE]

Thanks. Where is a good place to buy the Inject Printable? Do You know? Rima?

Rima, Newegg, ect. That being said the 8x official ones are cheaper right now. They may not be IJ Printable but IMHO functionality counts for more.

I think I may have lucked out here.

Office Max had one 15 pk-Spindle DL MIS left. I asked the guy if they priced matched…he said yes. Another sales guy walked up and said they only price match certain stores…and Best Buy was not one of them

He then looked at the other guy and asked what the item was and how much and their normal price was $10 more ($39.99) (Best Buy has the same spindles for $29.99). He said…well for $10 go ahead and price match.

I went and got the 15 pack and also gave them the $10 off $20 coupon…and it was not a problem for them. The Office Max near me seem to have some pretty decent sales clerks.

May be worth a try for others to try the $10 ff $20 Office Max as only 2 days left on the coupon I think.

So I got out with a 15 Pack MIS DL Verbs (Orange 8x) spindle for $19.99 plus tax.

I do not know who was the Orig poster of the $10 off $20 coupon…but thank you…thank you…thank you…I have used it like 5 times now…all verb media…all on sale and this time a price match…gotta love it!!:bigsmile:

You lucky dog. Man, I wish I could get in on that kind of a deal.

I have used 4 or 5 of the $10 Office Max coupons. No problems. Last day is Nov 30th. :iagree:

Now if only I could find an OM that carries them locally.

Yea…only one more day now left on that coupon…

That sure was a good one when their verb media went on sale!! Mine (Office max) had the older 100 pack spindles of DVD +R (PAPA) from 2005 too. On sale @ $24.99 the minus the coupon code…so $14.99 for a good 100 pack spindle.

This last pack of Double Layer Verb MIS I also noticed a date of 2005 (Orange label 8X)…also has 2005 on it…it was the last pack of 15/spindle.

2005 must have been a good year for Verb media…and I wonder why the older media was not bought from this Office Max already considering their recent verb sales over the past couple months…and then the coupon $10 off $20 on top of that?

I had bought a few 50 packs of the Neo Verbs (new packaging) only one out of three packs were any good…the reason I started buying what 2005 packs they had left.

Nice score Roadhog32901