SONY DVD-R cant use?

whats the problem???

below are disc and my Burner info…

please help :wink:

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Since your burner is 8x, and the Sony media is 16x…there may be little or no support for it in the firmware.

According to the bottom window above though, it looks like your burner has a 4x write strategy for it (maybe a default strategy) - I don’t have much experience with DVDInfoPro, as I use CD-DVD Speed and DVDIdentifier instead…

You need to update the burners firmware to the latest from NEC’s site here .

Thanks for reply Arachne and TimC,
mine NEC 2510A is OEM version,can i use the official firmware update???

It’ll tell you if you can’t when you try to update it.

Alternatively the firmware on this site should work fine.