Sony DVD+R= bad media?

These belong to a friend who bought them from WalMart in a ShrinkWrapped spindle. They sat on a shelf in the spindle not being exposed to any extreme temps or anything like that. I removed them from the spindle and placed them carefully in New sleeves. There were no marks on the purple side prior to burning.

if this helps, on the hub it says “DVD+R Ver. 1.3/ 1x-16x Sony Corporation”

and very difficult to see in gold/ silver very tiny along the rim of the hub, where the bar code is this is written (to the best of my ability to see)
DRP5GG0001 2W

OK, fair enough. Then you may have gotten a bad batch. The general experience of most people with Sony media is that it’s good. This is practical experience with both testing/scanning and using them for video backup, etc., and not just an assumption.

I’m sorry that the ones you got suck. :flower:

I agree with the above, & feel the same way.

I have some SONY DVD-R MII and they’re ok.
Not better than Verbatim, PIE is very similar, PIF is about 650 total, burned @8x with px-760A.

Rare to find Made in Austria Sony discs, are not same as others.There are not mentioned technologies used like others discs of the firm,but are very good discs,also for CDRS too.

Most Sony MII discs are crap.First batches,at the beggining of 2007, had MBI codes,but after March have Sony MIDs.This caused increase retail price which were cheap at first release.

The problem is with them [B]and[/B] Sony, because they decide to buy from them and sell them under Sony’s name. Same with other brands. If all brands decided to stop buying from Moser Baer, they would have to either manufacture better quality discs or close their business.

I had quite a deterioration problem with a couple of MIA Sony DVD+Rs (SONY D11)…others in the pack were fine, though.

well here is the last sony, but this may be the fault of the DVD ISO???

This has me confused

  1. I encoded the image through DVDShrink.

  2. I burned image on Sony through IMGBURN @ 12X; Couldn’t Finish burning

  3. I burned image on Verbatim through IMGBURN @ 12X; Verification hit a wall early on, but sped up; and was successful. (the worse of the 2 MC004 scans)

  4. I re-encoded the image with DVDShrink.

  5. I burned image on Verbatim through IMGBURN @ 12X; Verification SLOWED DOWN; but was successful.

Just curious, have you tried 8x writing on the Sony with the Pioneer? I find it’s a much more stable speed than 12x.

12x is basically [B]exactly[/B] the same as 16x, except once it reaches 12x, it stays there and does not speed up.

I suggest 8x writing if you are going to burn any more of the Sony. It has a much higher chance of making a decent burn.

I’m pretty much aware that the solution is always to SLOW down, but why even bother saying that a burner is 18X or 20X when in real life you’ll never see that. I mean Im using 16X media on a 18X burner, I burn at 12X and look…
thus the reason I think there should be a REAL LIFE database of what real burners really do on real media!

Yeah… well it may be the solution, so I suggest you use it.

Some of the best burns you’ll ever see or do are @ 8x. It’s fact of life, higher speeds will never beat 8x quality. I don’t care about speed. Only quality. Manufacturers keep releasing high speed drives to simply keep in the game. It’s all a gimmick. The difference between 8x and 20x is only a mere 3 or so minutes. Hardly worth burning faster if you ask me. Just because you can go faster, it doesn’t mean you should.

If you are unwilling to burn slower, all I can say is congratulations, you are saving a whole 90 seconds by burning @ 12x and you’re producing ugly burns while you’re at it.

Oh and BTW, there are databases here lol. You can go to the media tests section if you want to look @ a particular media. Or you can go to a forum here and enter a thread with your particular writer and see a load of results from different people. Some threads for drives are over 50 pages long.

I’m pretty much aware that the solution is always to SLOW down, but why even bother saying that a burner is 18X or 20X when in real life you’ll never see that. I mean Im using 16X media on a 18X burner, I burn at 12X and look…

If you want to burn fast, then you have already answered you question: Verbatim (MCC 004/MCC 03RG20) is THE ONLY media you can use for that purpose. But you should take into your consideration the following little point: even using only Verbatim media @16x and higher speeds doesn’t warrant you durability of your burned discs (Verbatims). Dependence of media longevity on burning speed had been proved (actually it is not a speed, but burning strategy problem, but in general they coincide). Now it is THE FACT.
So, from now on everything is up to you.

@ CD Pirate & JIG66666

I totally agree with both of you.
My goal isn’t burning fast, but rather to test the limits so I know whats best for my setup. Think about it, according to a burning program (in my case ImgBurn), with the exception of the Sony that failed to finish writing, All burns completed and verified successfully. As far As the casual user may be concerned, all is good and equal with the setup. but that is not thew case. Its just deceiving and annoying and time consuming to find out the real truth.

I have not long got hold/given the old Lite0n SOHW-832S in my sig, and after a bit of playing around with FW (something I will be doing much more of, I have had very good results :smiley: ) I have found it to be quite an ok writer and good scanner, but the main reason why it was replaced was because the owner wanted to burn much faster.

But since getting a new drive and using 16, 18 and 20x times speeds he has been asking me why the disks are not working so well, skipping and jumping in his SAP and will not even work in his car from what I have heard.

I had explained quite a few times that I do everything at 4 and 8x in my LG drives and 6x with the Optiarc, but TBH I dont think he believed me, but now he at least agrees that a 12x and 16x plus burn speeds are not twice the speed of 6 and 8x, and not even close in the quality stakes.

Dr Klovernutz

All burns completed and verified successfully.

That might be the case, but all the ImgBurn (Nero and all others AFAIK) verify means is that the byte hash data is the same i.e. the data is the same as what you started with, IMO that is almost a given with digital.

I know quite a few people that just get the latest ‘deal’ media and burn with the Nero that came with their drive and for the most have a working copy and or backup, but they also have many disks that can skip jump and not even play in some things, its quite rare for me to make a DVD and it not play in everything I have, and in fact that last time that I did have a problem was a 16x burn with my H42N, from the numbers the disk was a very good burn, it just does not play in all of my players 100%, I must have done 500 plus since then.

I feel its all down to what your time/money/data is worth, do you want to make an image that will work and should do so for quite some time first time ?

This was burned on Pioneer 112L @ 8X

I think the conclusion is no matter what speed; Sonys are no good for the Pioneer 112L

I scanned the same disc once @ 6X and once @ 8x just to be sure.

I think it’s just your batch. My SONY D21 MII (only bought one single disc) scans with 100’000 pie and 2’000 pif. This is not excellent but much better than your scans. And it’s made in India.

sony media is crap.Sony is a bad product full stop ,either hardware or media.The days are gone when sony stood for quality,stay well clear.Out of three 25 spindles of dvd-r discs i used half and now my dvd player cant read the discs… total c##p

The past few batches of Sony D21 MIT I have have been pretty darn good SEE HERE

Can you find any MIT or just MII?

Needless to say, I agree 100% with cd pirate. :wink:

The Sony 16x + and -R media I’ve used have done well on a 20x LiteOn drive at 18x/20x, so either I got good batches or you got a crap one.

99.9% of the time (i.e. when I’m not testing for a review), I burn at 8x anyway. :slight_smile:

@bennybjorn - well, my opinion and experience of Sony differs (aside from the MIA ones I mentioned above) - they tend to burn well for me and give no playback problems. :slight_smile:

I think Dr. Klovernutz made a good point when he said “I think the conclusion is no matter what speed; Sonys are no good for the Pioneer 112L” - some drives tend to like a certain media, others don’t.

On that note, maybe have one last-ditch attempt with some Sony -Rs this time?