Sony DVD+R= bad media?

I was in a unique situation where I need to make 2 copies of the same image. I had a Sony DVD+R 16X (curious to see if they were any good)
My standard is verbatim 16X DVD+R.
SO i burned the first image (using ImgBurn) with the Pioneer 112L 8.21 @ 12X using the Sony DVD+R. During the verification I got an error right at the end, I hit retry and it finished with a successful result. :confused:

I then burned the second copy using a Verbatim DVD+R, Same image, Same program, same speed. Completed verification with no problems :slight_smile:

Here are the scans, I am not familiar with Sony’s Reputation in DVD+R media, I was thinking about switching to them (since they are sold in the stores here) for emergency media when I run out, instead of having to order over the net ALL the time. So I was wondering what others thought of Sony blanks. If this is what I can expect from them I’m gonna stick with Verbatims all the way.

I’ve had luck with Sony 16x media (both - and +) on my LS version of your Litey, the LH-20A1H. Even oversped.

Any chance you can post the codes around the hub of the disc, so maybe someone like dakhaas or Evilboy can tell where it was made? Unless it tells you on the packaging, hehe (it doesn’t here in the UK).

Here in Europe, it seems that the COO are now back…

Sometimes Sony DVD+/-R packaging here in Europe does tell you that it’s MII or MIL, just if it is MIT it embezzles its origin :iagree:

Slightly OT: There are “Golden TDK” promo TDK 16x DVD+/-R 25 packs around now; these are not from TDK Recording Media in Bascharage (Luxembourg), but from TDK Marketing in Ratingen (Germany) and state “Made in UAE”, did Imation push their corporate COO policy there? :confused:

can you perform a 4x scan and 8x?

Cool, nice one :slight_smile:

I generally swear by Sony media for day to day [or even long term] backups. Out of…10 or 15 spindles/packages, only one batch has been bad [a random 15 pack that seems to have suffered a fall before purchase]. All others have been good to excellent, and very reliable, even when oversped to 18x/20x.

Maybe try another Sony in your Litey, stick with 12x.

[O/t] I think there has been once that I’ve looked for th COO here in the U.S., and it’s been missing. But since then, I’ve always been able to find it. :iagree:[end o/t]

It does say Made in India on the MBI packaging, at least near me :slight_smile:

I burned these (SONY and VERBATIM) with the the [B]Pioneer 112L 8.06[/B]
I used the LiteOn to scan because it is a better scanner than the Pioneer

I’ll do 8X scans now and post when done

I’ve yet to have the “pleasure” of seeing those here in my bit of the UK :wink:

@Dr. Klovernutz - I find my LH-20A1H is a bit screwy with 8x scans. Maybe try 4x for curiosity.

Still seeing Taiwan, Malaysia, and Japan [for jewel case 10 pack] here, no Austria or India. Haven’t had the pleasure of trying anything but Taiwan and Japan. But then, why mess with a working formula? :wink:

@ Arachne:
The 8x seem in line with the 6x and I don’t care enough to do 4x, haha

It seems to me that the Sony’s are crappy DVD+Rs… I guess I’ll just stick with Verbatims. I always used them with my old burner and it appears that they are still the best to stick with for the Pioneer. I was just looking for a cheap media I could use in a pinch (IE> run to Wal Mart/ K mart, etc) that would produce good results. Currently I can only get Verbatims on-line and the stores around me only sell Memorex/ Maxell/ Sony/ sometimes Fuji… :frowning: :sad:
As for going to best buy or circuit city or staples or Office Max etc ; unless there is some insane deal I would NEVER pay the inflated prices they charge.

Dr. K: I know that first burn put you down, but give them another try. If I hadn’t done that with my first batch of RICOHJPN R03s [which had issues because of the burner I was using], I would never know how good they were. The Sonys really are often good media, but hate recalibrations [which the Pioneer does a lot].

I highly recommend that you try a burn at 12x in the LiteOn drive. If it really is bad media, then the results should come out similarly. :iagree:

[No, I don’t work for Sony or anything :p; I just know the kind of results you should be getting.]

@ wallace
I will do a burn in the Litey and post results.

I have 2 more sony blanks to try ( I was given 3). But even if they are good in the LiteOn I’ll probably stay away from them. I hate using a media (well anything really) that has “pre-flight” instructions, haha (ie> “this is good media, BUT only in this burner, etc.” or "this car runs great, EXCEPT_______…) the Verbs work great in all of my burners (Pio 112L, Litey 20A1P, NEC 3550A).

I know how that is. :doh: My Optodiscs are giving me fits trying to find a good burner, though I know it’s good media.

Um…no. :disagree:

Sony MIAs are crap.

Sony MIJs are archive quality.

Sony MITs are good for everyday use.

Sony MIMs burn OK but longevity is unknown.

Sony MIIs are completely unknown, but if they’re made by Moser Baer, then the problem is with them and not Sony. Moser Baer has a well-known reputation for variable quality production, both of their own media codes and others.

Well here is a scan of a Sony DVD+R.
This is the EXACT same File burned at 12X with ImgBurn verified 100%.
The only difference is that I burned THIS dvd in the LiteOn 20A1P instead of the Pioneer 112L

With the exception of the Spike at the end of the 1st sony burn in the Pioneer 112L, the scans look the same. I think Sony is a bad media, regardless of burner. I wonder how memorex and maxell work in these burners, Im gonna search through the scan posts… wonder if there are any sony scans.

I’m actually glad, the answer is simple, the Sony’s (these at least) are no good. I think if I got a good burn it would have drove me insane and instead of getting work done, today would have turned into “The great Sony DVD+R expedition” where multiple computers would all be burning Sony DVDs (since I ran to Walmart to get more) haha, OCD lotsa fun!

Hey know what would be a good idea. I forum of stickys that contains a post of each burner. In each post would list the commercial name of media list in order of best to worst for burning, that has been posted by OWNERS of these burners. A nice simple list. :slight_smile:

These Sonys are Bad

You were given three disks by whom? Does this person know how to handle media? Where did this person buy them? Your results really mean nothing in this situation. I’m firmly of the belief that until you yourself buy some properly shrinkwrapped media yourself, and it says MIT or MIJ on the label, that you really can’t extrapolate anything from your current experience.

The media code doesn’t tell you anything. With Sony media, the country of manufacture is equally important. In fact, with all media, the media code only tells you part of the story.