SONY DVD-R 8x: Sticky edges? hmn

OK, I mentioned this in another thread, but this might be a better place to get answers. I got some of the MIJ Sony DVD-R’s from BB yesterday, and upon opening the 50pk, I was suprised when I found the outer edges of all of these discs were sticky…or tacky…to the touch.

Anyone else get this effect, and what is the deal with it?


This is not that unusual. They use a sealer on the edges that sometimes is tacky. It should dry up in time.

ok, thanks, that’s good to know.

I am also wondering about the quality of these, as compared to a TY or MCC 8x disc.
Since you have the same burner as I do (SOHW 1693s), I was hoping you could give me a general idea of what to expect from these as far as a kprobe scan at 4x. I have burnt two of these Sonys so far and they are not giving what I would call a great result, in comparison to the TY’s and MCC03’s I usually use.

And yes, I have updated the firmware, etc, etc…

Perhaps you can share the MID code from the Sony discs.

Should be SONY08D1.

yep, that’s them. sorry, should have said…

SONY08D1 burns pretty well in my Plextor at 8x.