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On-line only special on Sony 8x DVD+R media. Country of origin not specified.

Last I checked, 8x Sony +R was exclusively T02, absolutely fantastic media. Anyone know if this is still the case?

Edit - I’ve actually still got a pack of the Sony T02 kicking around, and this spindle looks very different from the picture @ best buy. This spindle lacks the tall edge around the top and doesn’t have the pointy center… uh… point.


[quote=starslab;2172133]On-line only special on Sony 8x DVD+R media. Country of origin not specified.

Last I checked, 8x Sony +R was exclusively T02, absolutely fantastic media. Anyone know if this is still the case?[/quote]
Not sure about that site in Canada but I havent seen any MIJ Sony media in about 6 months down here in New Jersey. Its hit and miss on these when you order online.


Hmm… The part number is the same. (50DPR47LS3) As on my T02 Sony media. But like you said the top part is different and the base should be a lighter gray.


doubtful that its mij, ubt ya never know, maybe some backstock…the part number will be the same even if its mit


This dates back to a couple years ago, but I remember buying this stuff at Walmart. There were three different batches of product, all in the same spindles with the same UPC code. Only differences were the top spacer piece, the “Made in <country>”, and the speed rating. The other stuff was all “1x - 16x”, only the T02 was labelled “1x - 8x”, which is why I’m wondering about this stuff…


Take a shot on 1 then you will know, even if its Sony MIT its not bad media.:wink:


:iagree: definately agree with alan…I use the MIT disks for giveaways, my liteon burners kinda like em.


Okay, since you both seem to be somewhat familiar with the Sony product in question - have you seen any Sony MIT +Rs marketed as “1x - 8x” ?


yes i have…the 1x-8x is in a brown circle…with the disks ive seen the MIJ’s had an octagon foam spacer, the MIT’s had a circular foam spacer


Okay, since Sony aren’t (that) stupid, it’s probably a safe bet these are MIT, and I’ll be staying away from them. They probably clued in a few years ago that their 8x +Rs sell better for some reason - obviously not the reason they think, because they’re now selling MIT stuff as 8x.


ya never know, maybe the outsourcing price from one company to the next was cheaper…who knows. I still find some MIJ’s from time to time in out of the way sears in the midwest u.s.


Not as much as they like TY +R’s!

I never got what I would consider good to great scans with the Sony 16x -R’s or the +R’s. The only MIT’s I get decent scans with are Verbatim and the old Staples 8x CMC +R’s (which I still have quite a few of. Remember that Staples 50 pack for $3 with coupon sale a few years back? I should have bought thousands back then!) The only Sony’s I’ve gotten great scans with were the 8x TY +R’s. Those disks were a pleasure to look at as well as use. I even marvelled at the way my Sharpie glided over the white coating. It was almost orgasmic having those Sony TY’s! :bow: Why did that have to stop subcontracting the manufacturing from Taiyo Yuden! :sad::sad: Sony was always known for quality, So what did they do? They replaced a superior product with an inferior one.


They did what Sony always does - make bad decisions.


[QUOTE=starslab;2173344]They did what Sony always does - make bad decisions.[/QUOTE]

No, they did what all corporations do, cut costs. You’re not the target market for the product, so if they can sell the same amount of media, but lower their production costs, that’s considered good business. It’s how Capitalism works.


While you are correct, I’m still going to assert that Sony makes lots of bad decisions. Kinda like the big 3 make bad decisions. Decisions that don’t look at the long term impact, preferring instead to squeeze a few more pennies this quarter. Anyways, I digress…

I deal with Sony (Well, one division of Sony at least) in my day job, and I can say that they do make some very bad decisions.