Sony dvd+R 16x on sale at staples!

staples in california this week march 17 has branded
sony DVD+R 16x on sale 100 in cakebox for $22.99.
these are the 47LS4.

friend says these test out on cd/dvd speed even better than the sony dvd+r
D21 LS3 that cdfreaks have posted results for.
they are branded and dvds are a violet purple material not white like LS3
had to get away from tdks. friends were complaining that my dvds were messing up and not reading on 4 year old players.

anybody familiar with these?

Welcome to CDFreaks!

You can always find the latest deals in “ripits” weekly post.

Like this one from Saturday :slight_smile:

thanks megadeth!

Ebay: $25 off $100 Coupon on

Stock up for a couple years by getting $100 worth, lol, many that’s alot of blanks. I don’t even have THAT much porn.

been away for too long,been stuck on ubuntu for too long!!! usually a daily visiter.
just had to give mr kent a chuckle,good one!!:clap::clap: