SONY DVD Player, Kenwood Receiver



I have the two above in my home theater system, along with a CD Player, VHS Player and cable TV Box. Then I play the radio or a CD the sound comes out of ALL my surround speakers, but when I play a DVD that is also hooked to my receiver, it only comes out my front right speaker. I am not sure why this is! Is the problem the way I have it wired, Problem with the Receiver or problem with the DVD Player? I have tried a few different ways of hooking it up, but I still have the same problem. I moved and before I disconnected everything, it did work. Now I’m missing a lot of sound. Any help or suggestions would be great!! Thanks :o)


Sounds like you’re missing the left channel from your DVD player. If you’re connected via the line-outs (RCA red and white), then it’s likely just a cable issue. If you’re connected via digital (optical or coax), then you’ve got a bigger problem.


OK, I also on Video 1 get a buzzing sound when playing the TV or VCR over the surround speakers. This is the only time I get the buzzing sound. The sound is there, only the buzzing is louder the the sound and you can’t hear it. Any ideas on that one??


Unless you provide more info about how everything is connected, there’s not much anyone can say. It’s sounding like a cable problem.