Sony dvd not being found on harddrive



New to this forum…I have been away for awhile on dvd transfers. Just recently I insert disc into hd and wait for the prompt to do what??? I choose no action. Fire up dvdfab and wait till the drive and title is identified. After several attempts window pops up and asks to submit error to dvdfab…also asking what i was doing at the time for them to evaluate what could be wrong and then submit (with email as optional). In short, dvdfab does not recognize that a dvd disc is there. This is only happening on Sony titles… Any ideas or any incidents to others?


Hello mackevi and welcome to the forum. Another person had a simalar problem. They couldn’t get Fab to reconize the movie. What they accidently found was when windows asked them what they want to do, they scrolled down and clicked on copy using Fab and it seemed to fix his problem. Just for starters anyway, give it a shot. You have nothing to lose. You can always come back and get other suggestions from here. ~ Mike


Thanks for the response astone… I tried doing as you suggest. The Open With prompts has my original dvddecrypter prog. I guess it is default because it is still on my pc. When I downloaded dvdfab I thought that it was to be added to existing prog. These two seperate actions (dvddecryper and dvdfab) are available for me to use. (Should I uninstall the original dvddecrypter since it has very little success with what is out there now?) Anyway, I did try the end around play with Open With prompt and chose dvddecrypter. The prog did recognize the title (sony’s) but a few seconds a popup appeared and reads as follows: ParseVTSm runtime exception…File VTS_13_0IFO…message = EAcessViolation. Then allowed dvdfab to find disc and search goes on for a few seconds (no title given) the popup "FabDecrypter has encountered problem and needs to close. I checked reason why and I get a “crash report” DVDFab decrypt crash dump DMP file 150449kb. Any ideas?


Hi mackevi,

What application and more importantly, what version of Fab are you using?
Be certain that you’re running the most recent version…download right here:

There’s no reason that comes to mind that would necessitate uninstalling dvddecrypter, but as you said, you have no real use for it. I still have dvdd and shrink on my system, rarely used, but no problems. Other decrypters such as AnyDVD and dvd43 wiill cause conflicts. Also, other burning apps like roxio are known to cause problems, but this doesn’t sound like your problem.

Download and run v. and I think you may be all set.

Hope this helps and let us know…


You said it’s ONLY HAPPENING WITH SONY TITLES. A friend of mine was telling me about a new protection SONY is trying that may block some systems from reading them correctly. Apparently it wasn’t SONY’s intention to do this, nevertheless, some configurations may have a problem with them. I don’t know the exact configurations it will affect. What is your configuration (Op Sys, Internal/External, Memory, etc.)? Something we can look into.


Thanks again guys for the responses… The version of dvdfab decrypter I have is… my op is xp the prog is on harddrive internal and sends files to external usb 2.0 120gig. As I said before, only ones I had trouble with is the last weeks sony titles as the messages appearing (stated above) is the first time I have ever encountered it. Plain and simple… the program does not show a title on the top bar.


As Maineman said a few post ago download and you will be good to go.If not post back again.


Try downloading the latest version which is and give that a shot. DVDFAB Decripter was not updated to as stated in other post :eek:


latest version is :bigsmile:


He is using DVDFAB Decripter not Gold or Plat.

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Have you tried disabling autorun? Sony tries to install a player and possibly other programs on the computer and this can block the process. They have been sued for that and lost, so they may try anything.



You are right (mack). The dvd by sony automatically ran without any choices from within windows prompts. I closed it and proceeded with dvdfab to bring in the disc info. Help me on the “disble autorun”… where do I go to do thIs?


you can double click on my computer and on your burner right click and then click on properties and under the auto play tab check Prompt me each time to choose an action:bigsmile: or you can do it in the registry