Sony DVD / Nero problems

I am totally new to burning dvd’s. I have burned several cd’s in the past (with my old system) and had no problem. I have just installed a Sony DVD RW in my new computer along with the Nero OEM that came with it, it plays fine and burns small cd’s fine but when I try and burn a dvd it stops and basically locks up. I have left it alone to see if it would begin burning again but after an hour without any gain on % tranfered I give up. It does not show an error message it just stops burning, the light on the drive is off when this occurs. I am able to “Abort” but it takes quite a bit to get rid of the screen and get back to normal. I have attached a photo of the screen where it stops, this particular time it had only run about 20 minutes which according to the burn speed test I ran was how long it should take to burn. On this run I had been trying to load about 900mb’s of data. I should ad that this has happened with both data and video.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yo Jimmy-

Tell us a little more about your entire system including the Sony DVD model number/processor/RAM/operating system, etc. and the media you are trying to write to-


Just for the record your Sony is almost certainly a Lite-On drive. If you post the Sony model we might be able to let you know which Lite-On model it is. :wink: