Sony dvd media

does anyone know who makes Sony 16x Dvd + or -R media with a Made in Japan production using Accucore technology? Also 8x Dvd +or-R media also made in Japan using Accucore technology? How well do they burn? Using Philips SPD2410 BD burner( Lite-On SHM-165P6S clone)

It’s either Sony media or Taiyo Yuden media (look for an octagon spacer on the top of the spindle for TY media). TY usually burns quite well although their 16x media can be dependant on the burner/firmware in use, Sony media basically defines average in my opinion - not great, not terrible, plenty of media burns better than it but it at least seems to be fairly consistent.

The Sony MIJ 16x +R (D21) is excellent media. Burns equal to or better than 16x TY in many drives, (165P6S included). Bottom line is that any MIJ media is a real good bet for quality.

Full disc burned at 16x:

Good burn. Most Sony scans I’ve seen don’t burn as nicely as that (nor has mine). I haven’t used D21 although scans I’ve seen range from ~400-2000 PIF so it’s decent. There are a number of media codes MIT that I’d take over my MIJ 08D1 and 16D1, and with results similar to made in China AML002 I don’t exactly find the results anything beyond average.

Sony MIJ is great. Sony MITs (SONYxxx MID) are also very good. Although the scans are not as great as those of TYs, these media do not degrade over time. My experience with Sony products has been great. It really has quality built into it.

Even look at their writers - they always use the best writers ‘internally’ for their brand. It was the Liteons, then the BenQ and now the Samsung. These guys rock :slight_smile:

Well I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that one. My MIJ Sony is not great and I’ve seen many scans that are not great, unless you consider 2-3k PIFs as great. I guess that makes most of my made in China media even greater. :stuck_out_tongue: And I have read of MIJ Sony degrading for another user on here, if I find the post I’ll post it. While I’m certainly not saying it’s junk, I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy Sony over several other brands (unless 8x TY Sony).

[B]minaelromany[/B] has reported that his MIJ Sony would degrade but later found out that it was improper storage (paper sleeves).
As MIJ Sony is rare in Europe (but not unheard of) I haven’t had the opportunity to check it out myself yet.

The only place where I would consider 2K PIFs decent would be on a D/L disc.

I don’t remember the PIF counts as of now, will check to see if I have saved any scans. Its been a while since I have used them. Will also scan some of my older Sony MIJ media and check the results.