Sony DVD Media on sale at Best Buy (again)

We’ve seen this before. 50 packs of Sony DVD media for $19.99 at BB this week. If 4x, -R should be SONY04D1, +R RICOHJPNR01. If 8x, should be SONY08D1 and YUDEN000T02 for - and +R respectively.

i see that the tdk dvd+r 25 spindle rated 8x are also on sale, does anyone know what the mid for those are by any chance.

Where are they made? TDK has been using CMC to produce alot of it’s media lately.

sony 8x +r mid can be SONY…D11 or YUDEN000T02. i don’t know if the manufactured in japan on cake box means ty’s.

tdk +r’s seem to be a real crap shoot as far as mid goes. mid can be, CMC MAG.E01, RICOHJPNR02, TDK…002, or YUDEN000T02. the ty’s are supposed to play by the manufactured in japan rule and a dif type of cake box.

The last time they had these on sale, the made in Japan discs I got were Sony08D1.


These are all great MID’s. With some testing we have gotten the CMC MAG E01 burn at 16x (not avail on any FW releases until further testing), but also burn great at 12x on NEC ND-3500a.

CMC MAG are greatly improving there media quality and in my opinion are no longer crap.

And the others all burn at 16x on NEC ND-3500a with both stock and current modded FW’s.

Sony has both Made in Japan and Made in Taiwan spindles. My best buy only had 8x spindles in both formats. I bought the Made In Japan DVD-R and it turned out to be Sony08D1. Not sure what the Taiwan equivalent would have been.

Here’s a 10% off coupon good through today (Sunday) to drop the price of the Sonys to $17.99.

Oops! THe Sony08D1 discs are -R, not +R.


that coupon won’t work…it’s for accessories

Aren’t DVD’s an accessory for Computers and Home Theatre DVD burners. :stuck_out_tongue:

That would be my argument.

Sorry it didn’t work for you. I personally used it myself today to buy the Sony DVD-R’s. The cashier scans the barcode and the price dropped 10%. No questions asked.

+R ARE RICOHJPNR01 at least thats what mine are. Are these good?? the +r tdk are cmc. i bought some of each and then took back the tdk and got more sonys. they seem to write faster in my sony dwu18a. How do i check to see the burn speed??

RicohjpnR01 is set for 4x by default on the DW-U18A, although you can use Omipatcher to up the speed to 8x. See the Lite-On forum.

i updated to the liteon 832 firmware and i think they are burning at 8x but i do not know how to check

Ricohjpnr01 are exelent disks and burn great at 8x on many burners even though they are 4x media. I usally just tell the speed from the burning program because nero lets you select (and then tells you when it starts) the burn speed. If your burn program doesn’t you can tell from the burn time. 4x will be about 15 minutes while 8x will be about 8 minutes. If it is taking a lot longer than that it may be encoding or something before it burns. In that case keep an eye for the light on the drive to come on (which it will when it starts burning) and then time it.

mine is burning between 7-8 minutes on these discs so i would guess it is 8x. I think i am going back today and getting another pack of these if they are still available.

I would if you are not already stocked up. I have over 300 of these sitting on my shelf (tdk, maxell, imation and sony but all ricohjpnr01). They are very good media.
Fyi you can run kprobe scans on your liteon
And find out how well they burned.

I bought one of these Sony 50 packs at the local Best Buy today. 8x +R made in Japan. Turned out to be YUDEN000T02. So I’m a happy camper.

They have a completely different finish on top compared to the Fuji T02’s, less shiny. They tested well on Qscan with my 1620 (to 16x), but haven’t burned one yet.

Man, I so scared to buy media these days. After that Best Buy Fuji YUDEN000T02 garbage I’ve become such as skeptic. I visited my local Best Buy today and all the Sony +R spindles were Made in Taiwan. I walked out and went to COMPUSA to check out the TDK 50PK for $19.99. Those were all made in Taiwan also. Again I walk out.
I went to Staples and comitted to a 15 PK of Maxell DVD+R for $5.94. These were MAXELL 002 and scans on my Lite-On 811S indicated that 4X burns on my ND-3500A was completely crap with PI maxing over 500.
I guess I’ll stick to what I know and order the RIDATA 4X from Newegg. At least I know these are RICOHJPN01 and the burn very well on my NEC 3500A.