Sony dvd media on sale 26.mar.2006



once again from the wallet:

on 26.mar.2006 best buy and office depot will have sony media on sale. bb = $15.00 for 50, od = bogo (100 for $30.00). seems as if this may b the last chance to stock up on ty. have been to all of my local stores and almost all r out of the 8x sony media. everything on shelves now is the 16x stuff. circuit city still has sony 50 pacs on sale for $15.00 otd.



my best buy in new york is all out of MIJ so last week when I was at my parents house in MA, i bought some at reg. price ($40 per spindle) and I was praying they’d go on sale so i could get the price adjusted.


i’m headin off to my circuit city and staples to get the last of thier ty’s. my bb, compusa, and office depot only have the 16x sony left. i did try the 16x sony mij a while back (thinkin it was ty-t03) turned out 2 b sonyd21(??). i was not crazy bout burns. reminded me of the ritek media with regards to pie’s (a constant hovering pie count in the 30 - 50 range with a big pie total), pif’s seemed to be ok. so as much as i hate stockpiling, i may end up with a boatload of this sony stuff.


yeah i might head out tonight to find out if there’s any TY left in central new york. the last time i really checked was about 2 weeks ago and there was nothing (which was why i paid full price when i saw it near my parents house)

if i can’t find any i might give my dad a call and send him out for some haha. poor guy is never going to be able to read “made in japan” on the labels…better tell him to remember his glasses…haha


The only other place I have seen MIJ Sonys readily available is at Wal-Mart. They are the Accucore though. I can’t remember if those were supposed to be TY or not.


if they are 8x +R and MIJ they should be


Thanks for the heads up. My local bestbuy has plenty of Sony AccuCore MIJ 8x +R, also Staples and K-Mart. If I remember correctly, K-Mart doesn’t pricematch.


i think i saw a post somewhere stating that accucore ty-t02’s weren’t as good as the old school sony ty’s. i did an accucore scan a while ago and it seemed pretty good. definetly better than most of the media out there today. so even if its a notch down from the old standard sony ty’s, i’ll take them any day.


Nice I wanted to try sonys own 16x but I didn’t want to pay full price for them.

I’ll probably pick up some more of the +R 8x TY, can never have too many of those.


That is what sticks in my mind as well and that is why I asked. Maybe they are value line discs. :wink:


That is what sticks in my mind as well and that is why I asked. Maybe they are value line discs.

Some seem to be good and some don’t. I found some at BB last time and they were some of the best rebadged TY’s I have burnt. They were alot better than the regular and color Fujis.

TG001162 0809

I had a spindle of TG001162 0405 and they didn’t seem to be as good.


I posted this over in the media forum at yesterday but I honestly don’t think anybody believed me. My wife had an emergency project to complete Wednesday night that mandated DVD-R media be used. She was out of media at work and all I had at home was mostly Yuden000T02. Since she had her school credit card, I sent her to Walmart where she grabbed a 50 pack of Sony Accucore 16x DVD-R. I expected to id them as SONY16D1 but to my surprise they id’d as TYG03. I checked a bunch of them too because I couldn’t believe it. Due to time constraints I only scanned a few but got pretty similar results to MCC 03RG20 media on an LG 4167b. They did have that distinctive octagon shaped spacer on the top of the spindle. First time I’ve gotten any Sony branded 16x TY media.


Thanks, I will pricematch at Walmart or Staples


there is plenty left here in Queens, NY


I had seen sony 8x- accucore MIJ at BB this week any one know this one is Yuden or not?



u can read here


Where in MA is your parent’s place?


southeastern near RI.

just in case you’re in that area, i bought all the MIJ that was on the shelf at the route 1 Best buy in south attleboro. not sure if they had more in stock in the back. i didn’t check the Seekonk besy buy on route 6 because i had failed there in the past…


Hey reasonsnotrules…
Stay away from the Best Buy stores at Broadway/Lafayette(3 minute power walk from my job…yay!!) and at West 23rd Street.
That’s my territory… no claim jumpers allowed :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


The Office Depot ad states that their Sony DVD’s are 16x, so more than likely NOT TY.