Sony DVD Media - 50-Pack - $12.98 OTD - Staples - 09/10/06

Just a heads up, but Sony DVD 50-packs will be on sale at Staples for $12.98 OTD starting 09/10/06. If Staples doesn’t have TYG03s, PM at Best Buy or CompUSA. My local CompUSA in the Bay Area has almost nothing but TYG03s.

Thanks for the heads up!

Was just at Staples yesterday and looked through the Sony’s, they had 10 x 25 cake packs 8x DVD+R’s but all the 50 packs are MIT.

But hey 50 pack for $12.98 - $3 ink = I will buy some!

Any active coupons for next week?

Watch your spacer if there MIJ. They could still be D21’s.

Sony D21 MIJ is still very good although many PIFs , I’ve got mine from Staples months ago for 14.99 $ and I still have ~70 discs :clap:
Anyway I would ask my brother to look for -R MIJ with octagonal spacer (TYG03) which is good too .

sorry, i’m kind of a noob here, I remember seeing some tutorial about finding the sony brand Taiyo Yuden, does anyone has a link to that. thanks

This is a great deal, but my Staples has been out of the MIJ 8x Sony DVD+R (TYs) for months now. I got Sears to do a 110% price match, so my out-the-door price was $12.17. Both of the Sears stores in my area have a ton of the good Sonys.

I’ve bought 5 or 6 of these 50-count cakeboxes in the past, but this is the first time I’ve gotten one with the octagonal spacer. I assume they are still TYs, right??? Edit: After searching on this forum, it looks like ALL MIJ 8x Sony DVD+Rs are Taiyo Yudens. Nice!

Aren’t all the TY Sonys 8X? Only 16x +/-R are currently on sale at Staples. Maybe I’m just unlucky, but I haven’t found any 16x Sony media that has been worth buying. Does all the excitement when 16x Sonys are on sale mean I’m missing something? :confused:

I believe that the 16x packaging uses the same barcodes as the 8x. Sony 16x -Rs can be TYG03.

Price matched them at Sears. Got 3 packs of 8X MIJ TY T02s for $34.44 plus tax. I think that is the cheapest I’ve ever got them for! :slight_smile:

I just told my brother to go to Staples and look for +R 8X MIJ , if not he will take the ad to Sears or BB or even CC to look for TYs and PM for 110% :clap:

Where is your Sears ?

Edit : Does the offer really expire 9/23/06 ? :confused:

We have a mom and pop mini Sears where I live…I highly doubt they have DVD burners, let alone media.

However, we do have a K-Mart that still has some MIJ 8X Sony…anybody had luck getting K-Mart to price match?

My K-Mart told me flatly that they do not price match, period.

Both of the Sears near me (SE Michigan) have a ton of Sony TY media and gladly price match.

The ironic thing is that Sears OWNS K-mart now. lol

Do you need a physical add to price match? I live in St. Louis and there are no Staples in the area, therefore I do not get a staples add…I was wondering if another store(such as Sears) would price match the Staples add if it was an online add?

Here is Sears price matching policy. You might be able to do it, but technically I think they are saying that if you have a LOCAL Staples, then they will price match something from the Staples web site. Of course, how is the Sears clerk supposed to know if you have a local Staples? I think it’s worth a shot, but I don’t guarantee it will work!

Sears Price Matching Plus Policy

If you find a lower price on an identical branded item with the same features currently available for sale at another local retail store Sears will match that price Plus, give you 10% of the difference. Just tell your sales associate at the time of, or within 30 days after, your purchase.

If you find a lower price (including shipping, handling and delivery) on an identical branded item with the same features currently available for sale and delivery in your area from a local retail store’s online site, Sears will match that total price Plus, give you 10% of the difference. Just print the ordering page, including shipping, handling and delivery, and bring it to your Sears store at the time of, or within 30 days after, your purchase. If you are purchasing the item from, email the information to


Sears will not match competitors’ bonus or free offers, special offers, rebates, financing offers, clearance or closeout prices, or prices on used, damaged, returned, open box or display merchandise, service contracts or automotive services, or installation, delivery, or assembly services. Sears will not match competitors’ prices that result from a price match.

Sears Price Match Plus Policy does not apply to parts, Sears licensed partner websites, digital services, “Sears Presents” and Shop At Home catalogs.

Stores in Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii will not match any online prices.

I have one about 75 miles away…I guess it is how you define local…

Not in Egypt, sorry! :frowning:
West Jordan, UT. USA

I went to my local K-Mart today…they would not price match. Strangely enough, they said they used to price match, but lost that ability when Sears became involved. That is so weird because Sears seems to aggressively price match???

For those of you with good local supplies of quality Sony MIJ DVD+R 50 packs…would you be willing to help out a forum brother? I’d like to get a couple more 50 pack spindles while they’re still available at a decent price. I’d gladly pay shipping. If anybody is willing to help out, lemme know. Thanks. :slight_smile:


Of course not in Egypt , we have nothing here :doh:
My brother lives in Nashville TN , and I told him to go look for me :slight_smile:

Oh! :o