SONY dvd media $12.99 at Best Buy : possibly get TY after PM YMMV

Possibly last chances to get Sony TY
BB has 50 pack Sony DVD ± media for $12.99 with instant savings no mention of rebates with correct product codes in this week’s Sunday ad

PM to SEARS if they have the MIJ sony packs and get an additional 10% of price diff
they usually check the AD item code and refuse if there is mention of rebate :cop:

Sears’s arguments of rebates should not be factor this time around :wink:

All Sears around me abound in MIJ media has nobody would buy the 50 packs for their regular price of about $40 :bigsmile:

thanks much for the info

Price matching is always high milage but I find that sears, office max, staples and circuit city are the stores that are likely honor price matching. Forget about compUSA, they are the worse, the manager can twist and turn their price matching policy around.

lol… compusa only gets my money when I need small parts for PC, if and when microcenter doesn’t have it - Which is rare.

Does anyone know what the Sony 8X -R’s in the gold MIJ’s are and how good?
Cause at this price, I want to raid the store. :flower:

Thx for the heads up, too - I missed it when i went thru the ads sunday morning!


Regular price was 24.99$ per 50 pack though , maybe it differs from one store to the other , even at their site it says 27.99$

Price must have gone down

sorry, but
Before opening this thread I checked all the Thread titles for last 7 days and saw nothing similar

A deal in a thread tiltled seperately is less likely to be missed than one posted in a different thread 29 layers deep :slight_smile:

we are not competing against each other, so even if someone were to double post that would just be icing on the cake.

Yes , it definately deserves a separate thread :slight_smile:

It sure gladdens me to see people with so much enthusiasm for the hobby from so far away

I think pretty soon the Sears treasure trove will be depleted
have a good one

I PM’d at Sears yesterday to get a 50 pack of Sony TYs.

I’ve also seen a lot of the Sony TYs at KMart lately. Unfortunately, they do NOT price match. I think they go on sale very rarely for about $15.

Sears is still your best bet. That won’t last forever, though. If you need them and have the money, by all means take the opportunity!

My friends call me “maniac” for that hobby :frowning:

Yeah , whatever :bigsmile:

Just for those who find Sears reluctant (or refuse !) a PM :

Make sure to show them the [B]actual[/B] weekly ad with Model Number : [B]50DPR47LS3/TA[/B]

[U][B]Not[/B] [/U] the product page with Model Number : [B]50DPR47LS2[/B]

Happy [B]PM[/B]ing :smiley:

Sorry to repeat:
Does anyone know what the Sony 8X -R’s in the gold MIJ’s are and how good?

Sony 8X -R MIJ is either :

TYG02 : with octagonal foam spacer : excellent media

Sony MID : with round foam spacer : decent media

I f you live in Springfield, Mo don’t bother I got the one and only Sony Ty they had. Partial bummer. Wish they had more but one is better than none.

note it is on page 36
is hard to see

Oh, please help me Lord for I have become a CDFreak! Thanks to this thread and the wisdom of fellow CDFreaks, I now have 300 MIJ Sony 8x DVD+R’s. Yeeehaw! Love me some YUDEN000 T02. And this was after nailing BestBuy on the CMC Verbatim 004’s just a few weeks ago. No…more…media.

The Sears PM worked perfectly.

I just nailed 4 packs
50 bucks OTD after PM
the reg clerk tried his best to find some atomic flaw in BB ad
and then refused anyway saying it is instant savings and not a sale :confused:
I said go ahead and ring them up for full price anyway.
And he asked why would I buy from Sears at a higher price
I replied that then I would have proof of his discourteous manner when I mailed the receipt (with his name or id #)and the ad to Sears Corporate, and was not going to waste my time arguing with him about semantics.
His face became ashen and a few seconds later later he PM’ed the ad called his SV for over-ride and I was walking out the door with 4 DVD +R MIJ treasure trove :bigsmile:

You know, I hate you guys. :sad:

My local Sears doesn’t have them and all the other brick and mortars just have crap (except the few who carry Verbatim). I’ll have to wait for a Verbatim sale to show up or break down and order some TY from Rima.

Just got home from Sears and CompUSA. Bought six 50-packs of Sony 8x +R media Fabrique au Japon with hexagonal spacers and all at Sears with no hassle from employees or management. Final cost was $73.08 after price match guarantee and sales tax. :clap:

They had one 50-pack left of +R but the base was broken so I didn’t bother with it. They also had several 50-packs of Fabrique au Japon -R media with round spacers.

Hi will the sony TY’s 8x burn faster then 8x? I bought 3 pks non ty’s so far bb was sold out so i pm with walmart bought 3 of the -'s and burn 1 dvd moive tried to play it about 3 mins of trying to load it loaded then skipped really bad so i returned them and got +'s which seem to work great and they burn at 16x

But if the TY’s burn faster then 8x i will probly check my sears for them :slight_smile: