Sony DVD firmware update?

Hi Everyone,

I have a Sony DVD RW DRU-720A USB burner on my machine, that I purchased about a year ago. And after browsing thru some of this forum’s posts, I read about folks updating their firmware for this Sony drive.
I must confess, I don’t know for certain, what fireware is, or how and when it should be updated.The current firmware I have is : JYC4 . And as yet, I have experienced any problems with my Sony drive.
I’m assuming that firmware is either software/drivers for the optical drive.
And I would like to know how and when the drive’s firmware should be updated. Thanks.


I am not sure if there is some FAQ on CDF where your question is answered :wink:
What is firmware?
Firmware is the BIOS of your drive. It is stored on a tiny chip on your drive. It contains a table of supported media and instructions how to handle them. Newer firmware offers new tables of supported media and perhaps new instructions.
Firmware is not a driver. A bad driver might cause blue screens, but this is a problem that can be fixed. A bad firmware upgrade will kill the drive.

People upgrade their firmware either for just having the newest or they do that since they have media, that are not perfectly supported.
There is a good rule: Don’t fix it if it isn’t broken.

As there are no problems with your drive (note: newer firmware mainly fix issues with certain media, and there are lots of issues that cannot fixed with firmware updates) there is no reason for a firmware upgrade.

If you are interested in how to update your firmware, check There you’ll find the firmware and instructions how to install it.


Current firmware for your burner is JY08.

Thanks for your replies to my orginal post, my questions were answeared!