Sony dvd ddu1615 not playing backups

my drive brock so i got a new one sony dvd ddu1615
but when i record some thing on my dvd recorder with meda dvdrw then put it in the sony drive it dost work i get a meseg saying
windows cant read from this disk this disk might be corupt
or it could be using a diffrent format that ist comperterbl with windows
i can put the same disk in two other computers and it work i also tried using diffrent meda

Using DVD-RW or DVD+RW?

You need to have VR drivers installed to access that media/discs/content.

how do you get this vr drivers and thank you for your reply

I would check the service site of the recorder manufacturer. Pioneer eg. provides such drivers on their site.

Also some videotools like those from sonic and ulead come with such drivers “onboard”.