Sony DVD D26a crashes on RW discs. Suggestions?

Paging local Wizards… I was hoping one of you might have a suggestion about my Sony DVD D26a. It’s become a bit of a pain in the ass.

About 2 weeks ago it started crashing the system when I insert a RW DVD. No other DVD or CD, blank or burnt, causes any problem. I can format and burn disks, run software etc… But when I put in a DVD RW the computer shuts down as if I turned it off, reboots, then I can access the drive. However, the last time I tried to copy a file to the RW that too shut the system down.

When I completed the MS error report it said there was a driver compatibility problem, but the DVD drivers are all up to date. Could it be the driver of another program and if so how would I find out which one?

Has anyone seen this problem before? Any suggestions where to start?

Thank you.

Use SUITABLE DVD RW for your drive.

Presuming “suitable” is not a brand name, the DVD RWs that are crashing my system are the same ones I have been using for months but the problem only surfaced a few weeks ago. The data on the drives is all still there and completely accessible after the computer reboots.

Very hard to tell from a distance, not knowing your PC. You can uninstall everything burning-related, try to boot from a bootable DVD RW (copy your XP disc or whatever) or test the drive in another PC and start messing around with your setup or just clean install XP right away and don’t waste time troubleshooting. The drive’s getting old too, so a new one may just be the solution. :slight_smile:

Do you have any other burning software installed onto your system since that time? Roxio and Sony and HP burning software has been known to cause problems…

RWs also wear out and get dead.

this is where i would start especially test the drive in another PC.

I hope it’s not the drive. It works well with everything else. I don’t recall installing anything new. HP scanner and printer updates by itself but I can’t think of any problem that would come from that software… and there was an automatic media player update that I deleted since I don’t use it anyway. I’ll have to test the drive somehow. Thanks for the response.

True. Maybe it’s just the discs. But they seem to keep the data fine. I’ll try some new ones and see if they do the same.

I checked my system when it started and found a very old program that I never used. I deleted it but it made no difference.

I was hoping this might be some common occurrence that someone would immediately recognize and know the solution for. But it apparently could be numerous things. I’ll have to check the drive and try new RWs.

Thanks. :slight_smile: