Sony DVD/CD Player issues

Hi there,

I am a real newbie so if this is a silly question, please forgive me !!

I have a Sony MHC-ZX70DVD 5 disc player, which is about 5 years old and can be used as a stereo and also a DVD Player.

It will not play any burnt CD or DVD. I have called Sony and they say that it cannot be converted to play any burnt CD or DVD’s.

I have heard some urban myths (?) that there are chips/coding or software that can be applied so that this system will play them but i have been unable to find any so far.

Can anyone advise whether this is a futile search or whether there is a solution ?


Pookie 1964 :confused:

I don’t think you’ll find any mods, but the few using this player at VideoHelp seem to have only had problems with CD-Rs. You’ve tried DVD+/-R yourself?