Sony DVD burner?

I am planing to purchase a DVD burner, DW-U12A (OEM of Sony’s DRU510A) or DW-U10A (OEM of Sony’s DRU500A), both is about the same price. Any suggestion?

The former drive is better as it has more current firmware installed.

Don’t know anything about the following online seller, but they charge $20 less for the newer model, interesting:

The DW-U12A can write DVD+RW up to 4X instead of 2.4X for the DW-U10A.

Thanks for the reply, one question about both the drive, at , DW-U12A is faster than the DW-U10A, but at ESBUY, both drive are the same speed, can anybody confirm that?

Because at , they had the black U10A, I don’t know if any place sell the black U12A?

After some research, I think ESBUY’s info is wrong and DW-U12A is the OEM version of DRU-500AX, not DRU-510A. the 500A and 500AX have the same hardware, but 500AX has a newer firmware which can write +R up to 4X. the 510A has a different hardware and can write +RW up to 4X.

Please remember that Sony doesn’t provide any tech support and software with their OEM drives. Since both OEM versions have the same hardware, you can probably upgrade to the firmware of 500AX on your own.