Sony Dvd Burner tested with good media

I dit not see a topic about sony dvd burners but i tested some things to let you all know that it all depends on"what media likes my dvdburnter"
I bought few days ago my BenQ1620 and some good media(Fuji dvd+r 8xTayo Yuden) did some nice quality burns…
Now i took some empty Fuji dvds to my dad and let burned one with his sony dvd burner dont know the type of the burner.
His burner did not support the nero quality test so i took the disk home and i scaned it with my Benq…
You want to know what happend…?
You see it within the link…how is it possible!!!

I also dit the same test with his burner with a Platinum dvd+r and scaned it with my benq
also one big mess…how is it possible?

Now the most weird thing off all i tested both dvds on my standalone i skipped thru the scenes but there seems to be no problem…

Can somebody explain that?

Nero CD-DVD Speed doesn’t seem to be a good indicator of how well a burned disc will play back in a home DVD player. I have seen discs with great looking scans with quality scores of 98 or 99 have errors on them. These discs would sometimes freeze-up or give “blocky” images when played back in a home DVD player.

I have also had discs with relatively poor quality scores (from Nero CD-DVD Speed) play back without errors on my home DVD players. The conclusion I have drawn is that you can NEVER count on an error scan being a good indicator of how a disc will play in a home DVD unit. It’s frustrating at times, but the only real test seems to be actually playing back a burned disc in a home DVD player. That’s been my experience anyhow.

Here’s my opinion:

There is a good chance that the Sony burner is really a rebadged LiteOn (although the CDSpeed quality test should have worked if that were actually true). LiteOn burners are notorious for producing marginal burns like this - particularly if you burn media that they don’t like. That’s why there are so many people in here who originally owned a LiteOn burner :a and then switched successfully to BenQ :iagree: .

I say that both burns are VERY marginal and some players will be able to read them (if they are very good readers) and some won’t. Certainly the 1620 HATES the burns, since CDSpeed is counting PO Failures. I think your stand alone player must be a very good one if it is able to deal with either of those discs!

I’m certainly glad it’s not me that owns that Sony burner :Z !

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Yep, I’m one of those persons. :slight_smile: