Sony DVD burner problems DW-D23A



Hi guys,
I’m totally new to this forum (as in 10 minutes), but thought it’s general content was excellent, so let’s hope you can help me with an issue my with my new DVD burner, a Sony DW-D23A.
Reads and writes CD’s and CD-R’s perfectly.
Reads DVD’s perfectly.
Here’s the problem…will not recognize brand-new DVD+RW’s
I’ve looked through all the old forums and it appears this may be a re-badged Liteon 1653S.
I’ve connected to the Liteon site and downloaded the latest drivers / firmware, but when I try and install it, I get an error message saying that I have a Sony DVD so it will not update. I’ve tried deleting the Sony tag but no luck.
The Sony site itself is pants, doesn’t even list this as a burner they produce, let alone provide updates for.
I ran the Nero Info Tool and it lists the firmware as CYS1, which other threads show is obsolete.
I think I’m heading in the right direction, but how can I finish the process off and get my DVD burner recognizing, and writing DVD+RW’s.
Thanks all


I don’t know if it helps you, but I have found this.


Hi, thanks for replying but I had seen that one already but couldn’t get into the codeguys site to try it, the address isn’t recognized.

Any other ideas greatly received.


Moved to the Liteon forum. See the link in my signature to get the firmware while RPC1 is down :wink:


Hi, i am new to the forum as well. I don’t know wether this will help.Anyway I had exactly the same problem with my sony AW-Q170A 1.70 dvd writer. It read some dvds. But it refused to read most of the dvds. The I brought a new samsung SH-S223F dvd writer (OEM code is ID and version is ID00 according to TSST Win Inquiry 1.03.1). Recently I downloaded and installed the firmware update for my samsung dvd writer and it went well as it should. But to my surprise immediately after the firmware update my sony writer also started reading all the dvds I had, even the ones it refused to read before. I don’t know what to make of this.


After 4Years I think he would have the answer!