Sony DVD Back-Up eg Casino Royale

Hi and sorry again for the newbie questions,

As my last attempt to post this thread this blew up and disappeared, here we go again.

Has anybody successfully backed up the Sony DVD Movies Casino Royale and Big Snow?

After a day of trying I have given up.

Software tried includes DVDFab HD Decrypter version, RipIt4Me version with FixVTS 1.603 and DVD Decrypter version and DVD Shrink 3.2.

I have also tried 1Click DVD Copy Pro latest version with DVD43 and DVD Region Killer 2.7.

My system is WinXP Pro and the DVD Burner is a AOpen DUW1616L Pro-31 (Dual Layer) probably made by LiteOn and with Firmware PTS2.

The drive is Region Free.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Download and try a program called AnyDVD - free 21 day trial.

I did that but had some problem with uninstalling/removing DVD43 and questions about the need to uninstall/remove DVD Region Killer?

Probably based on the above AnyDVD did not seem to work either


Uninstall any programs that interfere with AnyDVD, it should solve your problem. I hope these are copies you legally own? :bigsmile:

the only way to back up a copy of CASINO ROYALE if it is a SONY title is to use RIPIT4ME then DVDSHRINK with a burnind program as SONY dvd titles cannot be ripped with DVDSHRINK alone and as mentioned by another reader i hope these are your own personal films you ar wanting to rip----------------------------SILVERSURFER


As I mentioned I tried RipIt4Me and it did not work.

Yes they are my DVDs.


What would these programs be exactly. The only one mentioned seemed to be DVD43?


If those programs you mentioned can’t do this movie, you either have a faulty disc or faulty drive or you may have programs running in the backgroung that need to be turned off.

I agree with DIALYSIS you should not have other programs running when you decode or burn as this does affect what you are trying to do i used RIPIT4ME with dvdshrink to re-author and had no problem burned with nero-----------------OK SILVERSURFER

Uninstall DVD43, DVD region killer and maybe FixVTS. Those are my guesses, because I’ve heard of most of the other programs being used with AnyDVD. But I could easily be wrong because I dont know much. If this doesn’t fix it, maybe you will need one of the CDFreaks Gurus to help you out.

I backed up that movie with no problems when it first came out with the SW that I use also DVDFAB Decripter should have ripped it just fine the problem might be with Shrink or the program you were trying to burn it with :confused:

Using RIPIT4ME will do the job fine when you click 1click it will turn off other applications ie ANYDVD or any other authoring programs and it will automatically ripo and clean VOB files for you before you burn with whatever burning program you use-------------SILVERSURFER--------------

This thread would probably be better off in the Copy DVD forum. Transferring…

Uninstall DVD43.
Keep Fixvts.
This movie can be done with Ripit4me, DvdFab Decrypter, or Anydvd.
If your having problems, you may have a bad disc.
Try exchanging it.