Sony +/- DVD at BB. Any good?



I’m gonna to be returning some disappointing Maxell +R’s to Office Depot today. There’s a BB down the street and the refunded $ will be burning a hole in my pocket. Should I pick up some of the Sony? I can go either + or -. I assume MIJ would be best, but the Maxell were MIJ so I guess it’s not a guarantee of good quality.

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:


I use a lot of the Sony DVD-R MIJ discs in my Pioneer DVR-108 and they work well in all my picky players, including the xbox. If you want a bit you can usually find them at 50/$19.99 or 100/$39.99 during the Sunday sales.


Probably there are more MIT spindles but if you find MIJ +R, you’re lucky. They are TY T02 and has an excellent quality. (-R MIJ has sony media code so be careful if you don’t want it.)

I’m not sure if BB has a good deal now. Staples had 50pack/20$ deal last week and now it changed into 25pack/10$.


Just got back from my local BB. All the Sony were MIT :frowning: . They did have some Memorex Made in India which I heard was good, but it was all regular price. With all the uncertainty regarding media quality, country of origin, etc - I think I’m gonna stick with Genuine TY from I calculate it’ll come out to be about $0.50 per disc after shipping and tax. However, if I’m paying about $0.44 per disc(after tax) for crap shoot branded media, I don’t think it’s alot to pay. What do you guys think?



Stick with the real TY’s from

You will be glad you did IMO-




I agree with you whole heartedly. Why should I have to read the DVD label to figure out the chances of actually getting the good media that I expect to be associated with big companies like Verbatim, sony, fuji, maxell, etc? I mean I purchased some grade “B” TY from supermediastore. After I placed the order, I saw some reports of how it wasn’t very good, rejects, etc. When I got the disc, I burned a couple and scanned them. Yes, they weren’t the usual TY quality, but this “b” grade still beats or meets the scans I’ve gotten from Verbatim - and Maxell + :a