Sony DVD and Mac not getting along

I have a Sony DVD RW DRU-810A external burner that I originally bought for my old PC. About a year later I made the switch to Mac, and now use a Mac Mini Core Solo Intel. I connected the Sony drive to the Mac, but never tried using it for burning until recently. I could never get it to work, and eventually looked it up in the system profile, and I see that it is “unsupported”. I don’t have any Mac discs for it (I through them out when I bought the drive because I thought I’d never switch), and I can’t find any drivers or anything else online to get this drive working. Anyone know what I can do to get this burning?


Is this a Sony DRX-810UL/T (which is the proper name of the Sony-made external model of that drive), or a DRU-810A internal drive that you placed in your own enclosure?

If you’re running OS 10.4 (Tiger), then use PatchBurn:

What are you trying to burn with? Toast or something else? Only Apple written applications like iTunes need to have profiles installed in order to burn properly. Toast and other dedicated burning applications should work no matter what.

If you’re using OS 10.5 (Leopard), then device profiles are no longer needed, and you may simply need to check your burn settings in iTunes or whatever to get it to work.


Thank you very much for the info you gave me. I downloaded PatchBurn and burned a DVD of some home video. What’s even better about this is that the DVD’s burned in the Sony work without any problems in our DVD player attached to the TV, whereas those burned on the Apple drive didn’t work. We don’t have to gather around the computer now to watch videos of the kids!

Again, thanks!