Sony DVD+/- 50Pack for $19.99 @ Staples




Bestbuy has TDK DVD+/- 50Pack for $19.99 as well!


CompUSA has Sony DVD±R 100 packs for $39.99.


Couple these deals with the BestBuy sale on Fuji DVD+R 100 packs and this is a crazy week for buying YUDEN000T02 and a terrible time to be broke and uemployed :frowning:


I want Verbatim 16x DVD+R sale!!! :smiley:


That would be a nice one.


Yea, i would definately take advantage of a big MCC004 sale


CompUSA nearby had all 100pk +/-R “Made in Taiwan”
Staples only DVD-R were “made in Japan”


Were the Taiwan discs 4x or 8x?


Raleigh, NC CompUSA store had 8X +/- Taiwan 100 packs


My local staples carries Sony 50pack +R 8x Made in Japan. Took one home and it’s TY T02. The code is TG001133.


Nice photo zevia!


Thanks rolling. I was hoping to get a sony code tho… got plenty t02 already… :smiley:


I picked up a couple 50-packs of SONY DVD-R at Staples. They are Made In Japan, 8X speed. The code is Unique Disc Identifier : [DVD-R:SONY08D1] The DVD+R 50-packs were made in Taiwan. Was hoping to get some DVD+R too, but wanted the TY’s. :frowning: Anyone know what the ID code is on the Made in Taiwan Sony DVD+R’s are? (8X at Staples). Thanks.


the tai sony +r 8x s/b sony…d11. there are only 2 mid’s listed at dvdrhelp, the ty’s and the sony’s. the sony’s seems to be reviewed fairly well. i can’t speak to sony…d11 qaulity, i haven’t tried them.


Damn, you so lucky that your local Best Buy, Staples are regularly having some awesome deals on dvd’s.
In Denmark the equivalent to Best Buy or Staples would be selling 25 Fuji 8x dvd+r for $90 or 25 Verbatim 8x dvd+r for $100. And I’m not kidding!
I can’t believe anyone in their right mind would buy these so I don’t know why the prices are so inflated.
The only way to get cheap media is to buy online, especially from Germany. But it would be nice just to be able to go down to your local computer store and get cheap media. And even when buying online, the prices for quality media are no where near as cheap as those you can buy :frowning: :sad:


Yup, just picked up a 50 disk spindle at Staples of Sony 8x +R’s for $19.+. They’re TY02’s. :slight_smile: Sale ends 1-15-05



I got a couple 100 packs of Sony 8X DVD+R MIT (SONYD11). Awesome burns with my ND3500 at both 12X and 16X (using LDV2 beta 4 FW). My BenQ did fairly well at 16X, but not as good as my NEC.

And those MIJ 8X TDK DVD+R at BB (YUDEN000T02) are awesome too!


I just went down to Staples and got the Sony 50pk -R (the +R’s were gone). It shows a media code of SONY08D1 (made in Japan.) It looks like it will burn well at 16x on my NEC3500 with Liggy’s firmware. Thanks for the beta (input).


Went back to Staples today to buy all the spindles of Sony +R White Label TY’s they had left. All gone. :frowning:

Oh, well. Got one spindle and ran DVDInfoPro on it. TY02. $19.+usd :slight_smile: