Sony DVD+/- 100pk $24.99 Office Depot



Sony® DVD+R Recordable Media Spindle, 4.7GB/120 Minutes, Pack Of 100
Item #: 684962
$24.99 In Stock

Sony® DVD-R Recordable Media Spindle, 4.7GB/120 Minutes, Pack Of 100
Item #684948
$24.99 In Stock


These should be the MIT discs with Sony MIDs. I have not seen MIJ Sony-branded discs in 100-packs since they started distributing 16x speed-rated discs.


…and besides it’s a SONY :bigsmile:


are MIT good disc?


mit sony’s are good. but not as good as mij sony’s. i’d go for verbs. 50 for 13.99 at microcenter


Hrmm… that’s odd. It doesn’t state the speed.


I purchased a 50 pack of -R at Staples. They weren’t any better than CMC Mag M01 or AM3, in fact I would take AM3 over these. Exact media code eludes me at the moment, it was something like Sony16D1, but was MIT.

Out of my four burners, none of the quality scans were impressive, mediocre at best.

FWIW, I’ve used 16X +R in the past, which was media code SonyD21 MIT, nothing steller but it produced decent quality burns.


i still am working on 4 50 pack spindles of the d21 if i rember correctly. it seems like
every 2nd or 3rd one skips or jumps tracks. cant say anything good about them.
but i have found a crapload of old sony (ty-02) at sears .can anyone find me the post on pricematching sears??
thanks ,looking to grabing these.


You can get the 100-pack for only $4.98 at Staples. You can get a $20 Staples coupon by signing up for a trial magazine subscription at one of the Staples computer terminals (usually in the furniture section), and then using it to buy these. You need a valid credit card to signup, but you can cancel a week or two later and not be charged. Go over to SlickDeals or FatWallet and search for the thread on the coupon.


Thanks for the tip Negritude. Last week I went to Staples and got 4 100-disk packs for a total < $22. The scans are not perfect but at $0.06 per disk I can live with these results.


Great burns on those, I wish mine would have burned 1/2 that good!


I agree. Very good scans for D21.

I jumped over to the Sony blank media thread to check out some scans of the D11 & D21 before making any purchasing decisions and judging from that thread the D11 seems to outperform the D21. The scans above appear to be better than what I saw on that thread.

Excellent price too!


Very good scans for D21 and excellent price .

My MIJ D21 always get 2800-3000 total PIF :bigsmile:


I have tested MIT Sony D21 DVD+R discs before. The quality is usually slightly worse than what a typical MIT Verbatim-branded MCC004 disc tests out.


Well you can call the Sony media as good as you want, but my scans should help to show just how sporadic this media is, because I must have gotten some of the worst. This is one of few (three or four?) media my Lite-on will burn at 20x, not a chance with this. I even get halfway good results @ 20x with CMC AM3, which doesn’t say much for this media.


I see a much higher price now $74.99 :a


BTW Best Buys got a 50 pack of Sony 16x DVD-R for $12.99 as of 1/16/07


Yeah, the actual sale ended last week. This is all followup discussion.


They’re [B]not even close[/B] to the MIJ TY’s that Sony used to sell. :sad:


Those scans look it’s time for a good rewrite strategy using the Omnipatcher firmware utility.