Sony Dual Layer DVD burners - Questions

I’m going to a lunch next Thursday with Sony to discuss their new Dual Layer DVD burners. So, all you disk Pro’s, it’d be great if you could give me some info/questions to ask :slight_smile:

i got one question

why is all the sony’s hardware so expensive

ppl doesn’t really care about name value anymore

i mean…that sucks…

Well a few questions that I have you probably also have:

  • WHEN are they coming?
  • what are the speeds?
  • when will the buffer increase (8Mb or more is no luxury, but a must)?
  • will the media support be good?
  • etc.

Another question about writing speed. All manufacturers say that the drives will write dual layer at 2.4x - will this speed be used for both layers? I once read that one layer is written at full speed, the other one at 2.4x

It’s 2.4x for both layers (I think the rumor that it would be faster for the first layer comes from the bad wording in first German press info from Philips). Other info about speeds and specs are available in the press release.

I would like to hear if Sony admits that the DRU-700A will be the same as Lite-On’s DL writer and if Sony is involved in the R&D of the drive and in that case in what way (if he tells you that the drives are completely made by Sony tell him that you don’t believe him :slight_smile: )
And will they ship the drives with a DL media included in the package? Will it support bitsetting (I have a strong feeling that the answer is no).

Anyone had trouble, in general, with TDK? Although Kprobe says it’s all A-OK?