Sony DRX810UL and Sony DRX820UL


Can someone tell me the difference between The DRX810UL and 820UL other than the 820 is capable of DVD RAM. I am looking to buy either one and want to know if there is any real advantage of going with either. I have to buy Sony as I have a coupon for $100 for sony item. Any help in this regard is appreciated.


the DRX-810 is a BenQ 1640 i think i read, and the 820 is a BenQ 1670. Overall I’d go with the 810 based on that alone. You can cross flash to the benQ and get all those firmware updates that have since come about.

I would go ahead and buy 810 then, any obvious issues that I should know about. Do I need to flash the drive or is the original is capable enough. How is the performance of AnyDVD/ DVDFab with this drive? Does the Nero Software provided with this sufficient to copy personal and Hollywood DVD’s (I own a lot of those and some have started to skip/ have scratches etc)?


the 810 firmware is not bad at all, you would only need to flash if you want rpc1 etc, or better media support, the drive has a good overall performance

you’ll get overspeed, solidburn and wopc support when crossflashing to a benq dw1640. the benq/philips forum is the place to go.