Sony DRX700UL external burner problem, please help!

Hello, I recently purchased the Sony DRX700UL external DVD burner. I seem to have a small, but serious problem with it recognizing DVD s in the tray.

It is connected via fire wire to my notebook and works fine with burning and recognized CD-r s. But has yet to even detect/play a movie in the drive. When one is placed in the tray, it starts up and sounds like its going to get going, I even see the small DVD icon on my mouse. It will say “waiting for drive to become ready”, or “waiting to DVD” when there is one in there.

If anyone can be of assistance, it would be greatly appreciated.

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It seems a problem related with difficulties in recognizing the disc, like happen with bad burned media. Do this happen with burned discs or with pressed DVDs? Or both?

Thanks for the fast response,

I first noticed the problem in my attempts to burn an ISO image with Nero. Not sure if I’m supposed to talk about ''illegal" methods of burning DVD s on this forum (sorry if the answer is no) .And in that case, I also noticed the problem in the burner recognizing pressed DVD s.

What do you mean with “illegal methods of burning”? Are you using a lighter? :stuck_out_tongue:

Most of times the culprit of a bad burn is not the burning software or the drive, but a low quality disc. Most of “el cheapo” media are low quality discs, and should be avoided at all.

If the drive has problems also in recognizing pressed discs, however, it could be a problem with dust. You should try to clean the drive with a proper device you can find pretty easily in the market :slight_smile:

I did buy some discount Sony DVD-r s. But that would not answer the question about playing pressed DVD s, I suppose.

Concerning the cleaning device, would a small vacuum do the job? :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :stuck_out_tongue: Probably not :bigsmile:

Ok, well thanks for you help. Hopefully it’s not a hardware problem.

Try the same problematic discs in a different drive. If most of these discs can be read with no problem in the other drive, then a hardware problem is highly probable. If most (or all) of these discs give the same problems in other drives, then the culprit are certainly the discs :slight_smile:

Try to clean the lens first, sometimes this solve :slight_smile: