Sony DRX510UL Won't Burn ACCU at 2X



I just purchased a brand new Sony DRX-510UL burner and I can’t burn my old reliable ACCU DVD-R media at 2X. I upgraded to v1.0c firmware and it still doesn’t work (only burns at 1X). My old DRX-500UL worked fine with the ACCU.

I went online with Sony support and they gave me the following URL for the supported media and it is pretty limited to what the burner supports:

Anyone have any success with burning at 2X and what media was used?

I’m ready to return the stinking drive since I have over 100 blank ACCU disks.

The problem I have is that the “certified” media that Sony lists comes with a “certified” high price. My ACCU media worked fine for all my burning needs up to now.

Thanks in advance,