Sony DRX S 50 with DOS 6.2



I need the dos 6.2 driver for the extern Sony DRX S 50, have a older laptop and cant get this thing working.
Somebody could help me?



Dos 6.2 hasn’t been developed since 1995 and your drive is developed in 2006. I doubt anybody has ever written a MSCDEX driver for it.


The problem is rather the lacking USB support. The drive might then work with a standard driver.
On the other hand, I doubt a computer running plain DOS6.2 is equipped with an USB interface at all.



Here’s another idea: Why not install Ubuntu on your old laptop? This assumes it meets the minimum requirements. There may be a very generic driver out there somewhere that might work. I think I still have a floppy from that era:) Actually still have 6.2 in the bag. BTW: There are interface convertors out there-but not really what you want to do.
Your big problem is that there is nothing being written for machines before Windows XP at this time-except for Linux and maybe another OS that might work. You will also find that getting replacement Hard drives is getting very difficult if it is IDE or earlier.
Good luck with the search.


The computer i am using is the minilaptop a SONY Vajo U2 running XP, so the machine is not so old

How can i install windows XP on it without the extern CD rom??

I am getting crazy about it, this machine was running before with XP but now for some reason i cant access Windows,


How can i install windows XP on it without the extern CD rom??[/QUOTE]Either boot from the install disc that came with that laptop or check if there is a factory state recovery procedure for that computer. Its manufacturer should have documentation about that.


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If you have the possibility on making a Windows XP Installation USB drive on another computer then you can probably install it that way.