Sony DRX-830U thinks its a DRU-830A

well my sony DRX-830U thinks its a DRU-830A…

Im 100% stumped as well been searching forums, using google and i cant find any anwers to fix this horrible problem. Started two nights ago trying to upload a dvd to… so i tried updating my sony drive ect nothign was working, it ended up working on my laptop go figure…

so i reset my desktop and when i turned it back on the sony wasnt working and i noticed the model was different, said it was back from 2001 too?? And i cant get it to go back to its original form… very frusterating and idk if i need to buy a new one now and if this is toasted?

I even brought it over to my other desktop and its reading it now as a DRU-830A… when that is NOT the model number… the model is sony DRX-830U… I can use all the help i can get ill do anything im running low on time as well because i have to burn a few DVD’s for a client… ugh damn hardware errors…


ps. iv notcied alot of people post error reports or some long comp report… i do not know how to do that so if anyone can walk me through that id defannatly post a report up here…


Hi and Welcome![QUOTE=shadowknight123;2454096]well my sony DRX-830U thinks its a DRU-830A…[/quote]that is nothing to be worried about, since it’s exactly the same drive hardware (A DRU-830A installed in an external enclosure).


Well if its not somthing to be worried about why wont my computer allow it to run or recognize it?

BTW its windows error code 19…

Windows cannot start this hardware device because its configuration information (in the registry) is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19)

Use the fix it in this link

you sir… are amazing! lol :bow:

the fix it did it in like 5 seconds then bam its showing… now my last question is

since it thinks its this other model, is that bad or good? because to me it seems like its a old version if it says 2001…

Glad you got it solved :slight_smile:

About your last question: you are referring to the driver for your optical drive. These drivers are part of the operation system (thus the 2001 date). Other drivers for the same purpose don’t exist (apart from plain MS-DOS drivers).


ugh new problem… wont let me burn DVD’s now… saying hardware error or somthen… when i get home after work ill post the exact msg it says… /sigh