Sony DRX-810UL wont burn more than 1x

Hey there freaks,

I just recently received a Sony DRX-810UL external USB DVDRW DL combo drive for my B Day. I am quite upset with the performance so far as it will not burn faster than about 1x. I have tried using Nero 7 and DVD Decryptor and have managed to burn successful compilations but at painfully slow speeds. I am using WinXP Pro, DMA is enabled.
As this is my first DVDRW drive I felt that this post was best suited to go here, just call me no0b. Anyways, just curious if anyone has any suggestions as to what might be causing this


Oh yeah, I just wanted to add that I am using Maxell DVD -R 8x

Is your system USB 1.1 by any chance?

Sorry, yes I am using usb 1.1 for lack of a 2.0 port, which I am looking into. Do you think USB 2.0 or that i.LINK would be better? Do you think usb 1.1 is the problem?


Definitely. USB1.1 is not fast enough.
Edit: Get a USB2.0 adapter or a 1394 adapter. I haven’t got any luck with a combo USB2.0/1394 (won’t reach 16x).

so what is faster, USB 2.0 or 1394?

  1. Sony 810Ul has both USB 2.0 and 1394

Thanks for the help everyone, off to the comp store to buy myself a present. :slight_smile: