Sony DRX-810UL = DRU-810A?

Hi. I have a question concerning the SONY DRX-810UL. After flashing the firmware to 2.0e my drive reports back being a SONY DRU-810A, I contacted SONY about this and they told me that it was normal. So my question is: Are the DRX-810UL and DRU-810A the same model with the only difference that DRX-810UL has an external enclosure with USB 2.0/Firewire hookup?



I read somewhere in this forum that Sony DRX-810UL is the same drive as “BenQ DW1640”, is that correct? The reason why I am asking is because I am trying to find out if the DRX-810UL is capable of burning XBox360 backup games correctly?

I read at Xbox-scene´s forum that DRU-810A is capable of burning 360 games correctly and the DRX-810UL and BenQ DW1640 is NOT capable - wich I find strange if they all are the exact same drives?

Anyone who knows anything about this?

Yes, these 3 drives share the same hardware, but they use different firmware. The Sony’s are BenQ 1640 rebadges. Sorry I can’t help with the XBox question.

Be careful, there is also a Sony DRU-810A-R drive, which is a rebadged Benq 1650. In case you try to crossflash with the wrong Benq firmware, the drive will be dead.

okay. Thanx alot for your help! One last question though, is it possible to flash the firmware in the DRX-810UL with the DRU-810A´s firmware? Or will that end up with a dead drive?

There is no difference between the internal and external 810 firmwares, so you won’t gain any benefits.

Thanx alot guys for helping me out! :slight_smile: