Sony drx 810 ul autobit setting ability?

Does anyone know if this dvd burner has auto bit setting I was advised in my other post that the Model 820 UL is, but it is not available here and so I wanted to know if this external dvd burner is as well since I can get it here.

If it is not auto bit setting which I gather is comparable to my BenQ 162I Book Management exe. that I use to burn in dvd rom only; is it difficult to set the bit and does one have to change the setting if it is R+ or R- media that is being burned.

I am trying to purchase another dvd burner and BenQ has phased out of the optical drive business and thus I am looking at this Sony model.

I would appreciate a reply so that I can decide whether to purchase this model or not as there are only 2 left.

if you use BQ flasher to benq 1640 ( I dont know about sony Firmware) then it is auto bitsetting

I am simply wondering if this model of Sony ext burner drx 810 ul has auto bit setting as their 820 ul is supposed to and if it does not is it difficult for a newb like me to do and do i have to change the setting after i change from R- to R+ media?
I asked this question b/c i have only burned on BenQ ext burners that have Book Management exe. which I use and burn in dvd rom all of the time with.