Sony DRX-800UL: DVD good, CD not good

I have a Sony DRX-800UL, 1 yr old, rarely used, DVD media works great. But the drive won’t recognize any type of CD media (audio, data, CD, CDR, CDRW, etc) on any interface (USB 2.0, 1.1, firewire) or platform (XP Pro SP2, Win2003 Server, Windows 2000 Advanced server, RHE Linux). Same thing: “Please insert a disk”.

Even the Sony disk ‘diag’ utility (a very weak, high-level incompetent pos) asks for a disk even when fed premium blank CDs directly off a new spindle.

Flashed BIOS to latest (KY06), no joy.

ASPI checks out, latest versions (per adaptec). Adaptec utility shows fully operational stack.

Windows device manager reports no problems, no yellow flags, just “the device is operational”.

I’ve tried about 50 different commercial CDs (audio, photo, software, etc) nothing changes. Tried new cables, though unlikely since trying both firewire and USB didn’t change anything. I plug in another external USB DVD/CD and its recognized & 100% operational immediately.

Any thoughts?

Are there any good low-level optical drive diagnostics around?

thanks for any help.

Could be bad drive. Try the drive in another PC to confirm.

do you have any programs such as anydvd installed? If you do, then open up AnyDvd and run it, it should then read whatever is in the drive.