Sony DRX-710UL Won't read any DVD Format

This problem just popped up today. My SOny DRX-710UL will not read or burn any DVD format. It reads and burns CD’s ok, but DVD’s will not work AT ALL. I tried to use it on another computer and no luck. My firmware is the most recent, BYX5. I need this burner to work because I use it for backups from my Laptop. :sad:

Has anyone had the same experience? Is there even a way to fix it? Please, I need this burners DVD capabilities.

sounds like a dead dvd laser. you need a new drive…

but before you buy a new one flash it with the liteon 1653s firmware “CS0T - patched - crossflashing, multi-colored LED” from here:
but don’t expect it to work again.

Agree with chok0. Maybe you can recup the enclosure and put in a new internal drive at half the cost.

DVD part is dead, definetly.

Well at least I know now lo. Thanks guys