Sony DRX-701UL or Liteon1633sx

Hello all,

This is my first post here and I’d like to say a big hello to all of you. I was directed to this forum by the good people at I want to buy an external dvd writer and I have come across the Sony DRX-701UL double layer and Liteon 1633SX double layer also. What do you think? Costco has a the lowest price I’ve seen for the Sony dvd writer. If its good, I’d like to take advantage of this deal.


Almost any internal drive will work if you put it in an external enclosure. I’d recommend the NEC 3500/3520.

Sorry but I’m not familiar with what you are proposing. I wouldn’t even consider myself to be an expert on this subject. I saw the Lite On burner for $109 and the Sony 710UL for $190 at costco. I need to get a burner and probably will be buying the pioneer 520hs stand alone dvd recorder because it seems like the reviews are very good too. If anyone can help me with the dvd writer decision, I would appreciate it.


This is not a bad idea and should be given some consideration.

As I understand it the Sony DRX-710UL is just an OEM LiteOn SOHW-1633S (I assume the DRX-701UL is a typo), so why pay more for Sony to buy the drive from LiteOn, put their name on it, charge you more, and update the firmware less. So between Sony and the LiteOn, the LiteOn is the better choice.


Thanks for your reply. What Furballi suggests is something I am not familier with. If you can tell me how to go about doing it, I’ll go that route. This would save money. I’m new at this so any help is appreciated.

You need to house the NEC 3500/3520 in an enclosure so that it will interface with your PC via USB Hi-Speed or FireWire. For best performance, I would still recommend an internal drive if you have a desktop.

Go to the NEC forum and start a new thread about external NEC enclosure for NEC 3500/3520. I’m sure someone there will be able to help with the correct part number. Also list your motherboard. Most older PCs will not be able to burn properly without Hi-Speed USB or Firewire.

My experience with the Sony external drives is not so good. Both burn quality and the stability of the USB2.0 interface have given me troubles. Discs are usually readable, but nearly always marginal–even with the highest quality media. Burn quality also varies significantly depending on whether the drive is flat vs. on its edge (much worse on its edge–Sony should never even suggest that the drive be mounted this way!). If the LiteOn is essentially the same drive, I’d stay away from both.

newer liteons are very, very, very poor burners. it is however a very good ripper and it lets you use kprobe for quality testing. i stongly recommend that you do not get one to use as your primary burner.

:confused: Ok. Now I’m really confused. Seems from what I’ve been reading from forum members, the Liteon, Sony and Plextor aren’t that good even though the review for the Plextor is given a 9/10 and the Liteon has a 8/10.

Here are a couple of reasons I need the dvd writer - Make copies of family movies, copies of commercial movies that are mine. I need to get rid of the video tape clutter.

The only external dvd writers I can find around here are the ones made by plextor $170, Liteon $109, Pioneer $220 and Sony $190.

*I plan to continue utilizing my cdrw and dvd drive to take some of the load off the dvd writer.

Why can’t you use an internal DVD burner? Dump the DVD drive. The DVD burner will probably outlast your need.

I’m not interested in replacing the dvd drive. Besides, from what I’ve seen in prices there isn’t that much of a difference in price between the interenal and external drives. Also, I may want to use the external drive with the next computer I buy. So, now I guess it’s between the plextor px-716uf or Sony 710 because Costco is now sold out of the Liteon. If anyone has any info on these products, let me know.


The plex would be the best drive but it must be a lot more expensive than the Sony. If you buy the Sony you will have to use good quality media to get good burn results.

Thanks a lot COdKing. Actually, I saw the plex at a cheaper price.

Thanks for your help.


Thought you might like to see this review of the plex 716. It’s a very good result. :slight_smile: